Day 1 in Seoul

Monday 20th June, 2016

After quitting my job on 18th June, my family and I embarked on our first family holiday (not including Hong Kong) in way over a decade. In fact, I’m not actually sure when our last holiday together was. It may have been Spain. I remember travelling by ferry and was horrendously seasick.

Anyhow, with that gorgeous image in your head, let me tell you more about our 6-day holiday to Seoul.

I think I remember waking up at like 5am as my parents love to be super early at airports hence why I look half dead here, but hey, I slept through most of the journey to Korea.

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When we arrived at the airport, we took the subway over to our airbnb situated in Sangnam so we got off at the Digital Media City Station.

As we were feeling pretty peckish, we devoured the different flavoured fishball/cubes that they served at the station.

I’m quite indecisive when it comes to food because I want to try everything on offer, so I went for a stick with lots of different fillings and toppings, such as seaweed, crabstick, rice roll and some other equally delicious nibbles.


Janet, our host, was super helpful and had given us step by step instructions with photos and arrows on how to get to our apartment, which was a convenient 5 minute walk from the station.

Oh and we passed the best-named pub in the world on the way over…


We’ve arrived!


Janet lives in the apartment upstairs and she was super welcoming.

She gave us lots of great tips on where to go, along with tourist booklets, subway cards and a portable wifi egg which was really useful.

The whole apartment is clean, modern and spacious with lots of homely touches such as the cute cushions and artwork on the walls. You can really tell that Janet takes pride in making sure that her guests feel at home in Seoul.

Also, I loved all the pastel blue, cream and wood vibes. It’s definitely a relaxing colour scheme.

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There are 3 bedrooms, two of which have double beds and one with 2 single beds. The couch can also be turned into a bed so the apartment can fit 7 people, which is an absolute bargain.

This was my room.


My parents’ room was next door.


Nath’s room was just opposite.


We really enjoyed staying at Janet’s House as she was the perfect host, the apartment was great and it was easy to get to many tourist attractions.

She also prepared a different breakfast for us every morning. She came down at around 8am so by the time we woke up every morning, there was a wonderful breakfast awaiting us. Depending on the day, we were treated to pastries, eggs and sausages, toast, cereal, yoghurt, fresh fruit and on our final morning, she had prepared lots of yummy gimbap for us (Korean seaweed and rice rolls filled with ham or beef, carrots, spinach, peppers and egg).

If you’re thinking of staying in an airbnb in Seoul, I would definitely recommend staying here.

As it was already around 5pm by the time that we had unpacked a little, we decided to visit Myeong-dong which was only a few subway stops away, upon Janet’s recommendation.


Myeong-dong is the most well-known shopping district in Korea, where the streets are lined with department stores and shops that sell brand-name cosmetics, clothes, shoes and accessories.

There are also some awesome food stalls too but more on that another day 😉

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Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable these face-masks are.

17a 17b

I’m in card and sticker heaven.

19 20

Korean fashion is absolutely huge and I restrained myself by only buying one top.


21 23 24

After a spot of shopping, we tried something brand new to us for dinner.

We went for the Heamul-Jjimdak (stir fried chicken with seafood) and Jjimdak (stir fried chicken).

So basically, this dish consists of chicken, various large-sliced vegetables (such as potatoes and onions) and chewy noodles. The entire dish is mixed with a spicy soy-based sauce and simmered.

25 26

I’m going to be honest here, it tastes really good at first but the more you eat, the saltier it becomes and the more you realize how chewy and hard work it is to eat the noodles.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend trying it out if there’s a big group of you.

27 28

After dinner, we took a stroll around the area.


I also came across some interesting Korean specialities.

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love Tabasco so I got pretty excited about the prospect of it being on fried chicken.

Don’t judge me for wanting KFC on holiday, ok? 😉


Not the number one thing I’d think to put in a hot beverage but my friends tell me that they’re actually quite tasty.

Maybe next time…


Finally, I’ll leave you with this bad boy.


See you soon for day 2 in Seoul 😉


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    • Thanks, we had a great time in Seoul. There’s definitely lots to see. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to visit Jeju island on this trip but I really want to next time I’m in Korea. I hear the seafood is amazing 😉

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