10 Songs That Bring Back Good Memories

Happy Sunday!

To take a break from my travel posts, I thought that I would pop up something that I’ve been wanting to write for ages. You know when you listen to a certain song, it takes you back to a certain time and place? It could be a memory that makes you smile, laugh, cry or cringe. Well, this is what this post is all about. Obviously, these aren’t a list of my all-time favourite songs so don’t judge 😉

So, without further ado, here are 10 songs that take me back.

1. Checkin’ It Out – Lil Chris (2006)

Back in the Bebo days (I loved that social-media site and customizing it with a super cool background, carefully curating a (cringey) profile to describe yourself and listing all your likes and dislikes. I was so determined to stick with Bebo until all my friends left it for Facebook and I sadly had to leave my beautiful Bebo babe behind). Anyway, my friends and I decided that it would be a really great idea to make a video dancing to this song. It was an amazing video that made it to the Top Bebo Videos page. I’m not even joking. #fame

(Unfortunately for you and fortunately for my friends who were in the video, I don’t have a copy of it to show you. But rest assured, it would have blown you away).

2. Love In This Club – The Days (2008)

We first met The Days, a local band from Ivybridge, at a gig at Exeter University when they supported Paolo Nutini. Til and I bumped into them during the break between the sets and got a photo with them and I just remember thinking how hot Luke Simpkins (the lead singer) was. This cover is still a tune and I love that they shoutout to the Westcountry Crew. #represent (I need to stop using hashtags at the end of every paragraph but I just can’t stop).


3. Disturbia – Rihanna (2006)

After year 11, the girls and I went on a group holiday to Newquay in Cornwall. We stayed at a hostel with a group of rowdy Yorkshires (is that the correct term? Like, not Yorkshire puddings but people from Yorkshire). Anyway, the girls from Yorkshire were obsessed with this song and just had it on repeat basically the whole time we were there. Still a tune.


4. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off – Panic! At the Disco (2006)

‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ used to be my favourite album and I used to listen to it on my Sony CD Walkman (oh my god, I’m so old) on my way to and from school all the time. Top emo album, best enjoyed with a pair of skinny jeans, a studded belt, brightly coloured T-shirt, string of black beads and fingerless gloves.

5. Misery Business – Paramore

Carrying on with my Emo phase, I loved Paramore. Hayley Williams is such a babe and their first album ‘All We Know is Falling’ is great and I still have it on my I-pod. I haven’t listened to any of their new stuff since all the boys left and they got new members, though. It’s a very Sugababes move to make.

6. Low – Flo Rida (2006)

The song that played at everyones’ 18th birthday parties and everyone actually got low. I remember getting so low numerous times that couldn’t get back up after a sexy combination of blue bubblegum jugs, Archers and Malibu mixers at Blu Cargo. Though, there was always someone to pick me up so cheers to all the babes that helped a gal out. Also, just FYI, I’m now 25 and tried to get low at Gilligan’s in Cairns last week and my knees legit hurt when I was getting low. Someone pass me a zimmerframe.


7. I’m Always Here – Jimi Jamison (1993)

Ahh, the classic Baywatch theme tune! This reminds me of Jesters during uni (voted the worst nightclub in the UK) but I bloody loved it. Anyway, whenever this would come on, all the guys would take off their shirts. It was never a great view as everyone was so sweaty and drunk on a dingey little dancefloor but it always made me laugh and down my Jesticle a little quicker!


8. Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole (2009)

This is my favourite first year of uni tune. I remember when I first met Jamie, we went to Oceana and just went crazy for this song and whenever we would go out and it came on, we would throw shapes like no other. In the words of Chezza, “We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love”.


9. Riverside – Sidney Samson (2009)

Again, another first year of uni classic. I loved it so much that I had scribbled RIVERSIDE MOTHERFUCKER on a piece of scrap paper and stuck on the wall in my room. I’m not 100% sure why I did this. I was probably drunk. I haven’t listened to this song ever since.

10. Migraine Skank – Gracious K (2009)

Ok, so the final tune is (you guessed it) another uni belter (I’m actually by how impressed how many words I’ve come up with to replace the word ‘song’). Nikki and I perfected our Migrain Skanking over our first year of friendship, as you can see.


I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it’s even brought back some fun memories for you!

Feel free to comment below on any songs that remind you of a happy time 😉


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