10 More Songs That Bring Back Good Memories

1. You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine (2009)

This was my ringtone in the first year of university and it’s such a tune. I love Florence and the Machine’s first album, ‘Lungs’, but I haven’t listened to much of her more recent stuff. I was so keen to see her that when I found out she was playing in Cardiff at the end of first year and the tickets had sold out, Josh managed to find us tickets on Ebay after a night out and we got to see her the next day! Solid performance. Well done, Florence.


2. Watcha Say – Jason Derulo (2010)

My favourite thing about Jason Derulo songs is that he tells you what his name is at the beginning of the song so you’ll never have the problem of wondering who’s singing. Anyway, Sam used to make excellent CD mega-mixes and I remember cruising along the mean streets of Torbay during the summer holidays listening to our boy, Jase. (We look really hip and happnin’ in this photo).


3. Superbass – Nicki Minaj (2010)

Josh has rapped this to me so many times (I don’t ask him to. He just does it of his own accord) and one night, after I had had a few too many drinks at Orange Rooms and Unit, the taxi driver kicked me out at Rigby after getting him to stop numerous times to throw up outside. #glamlife

Anyway, I only lived a 15 minute walk away and Josh, being the gent that he is, walked me home and we listened to and badly sang/rapped to Superbass on the way. (It was definitely as bad as you would imagine it to be).


4. Drunk – Ed Sheeran (2011)

I absolutely love Ed Sheeran and ‘+’ is an awesome album that I used to listen to a lot whilst walking to and from uni. ‘Drunk’ is one of my favourites.

5. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction (2011)

Ah, the blessed year that Harry Styles came into our lives. I used to get so excited when this song would come on as it’s so upbeat and happy and just all round awesome. The only problem was that the beginning sounds an awful lot like Summer Nights from Grease so when they started playing that in Jesters, I’d get all excited, only to be slightly disappointed within a few seconds. Don’t get me wrong, Summer Nights is great but I just love me a bit of 1D.


6. I See Fire – Ed Sheeran (2013)

Another Ed Sheeran number as I’m a huge fan. This song was the soundtrack for ‘The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’ so obviously Ry loved it too. I remember being so impressed when I found out that Peter Jackson (the director of The Hobbit) asked Ed to write a song for the movie after his daughter had suggested him. Ed watched the film, wrote the song and recorded most of the track elements on the same day. It’s an incredible song that worked so well with the film. When we went to see Ed Sheeran play in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2015, we were ecstatic that he played this.


6. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (2015)

This was the soundtrack to mine and Ry’s first trip to Japan back in the Easter holidays of 2015. It’s such an upbeat song that puts you in a great mood and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love it. We know all the words and sing along really well…


8. Rather Be – Clean Bandit ft. Jesse Glynne (2014)

I first heard this track when Josh (wow, Josh, you’re featuring a lot in this post. *high five*) showed me the video that he had made from his travels around Central America and this was the soundtrack to it. From then on, I fell in love with the song and their album ‘New Eyes’ is great. All of their videos are also really creative and they put a lot of work into them. This was filmed in Japan and is one of my favourites.

9. Real Love – Clean Bandit and Jesse Glynne (2014)

I had Jesse Glynne’s album, ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ on my I-pod for about a year before I actually got round to giving it a proper listen when I arrived in Melbourne in September, 2016. Again, this is an excellent album that I’ve had on repeat. ‘Real Love’ is the song that I always listen to first as I’m not a huge fan of the first three tracks on the album but the rest of them are stellar.


10. Cold Water – Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber and  MØ (2016)

This was mine and Tash’s song whilst travelling up the East coast of Australia over October and November this year. We would get far too excited when this song would come on and the shapes we threw should have come with a warning.



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