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As usual, I’m half a year behind on blog posts but I’m finally back in HK with a bit of spare time on my hands so I’ve condensed the second half of my trip to Seoul into one post or else I won’t be able to get anything from my 7 months of travelling up until 2018.


Day 4: Thursday 23rd June, 2016

This is my dad.

He just picked up this toy gun in the shop and found it absolutely hilarious…


Next up was a trip to the beautiful Changdeokgung Palace which is considered the most well-preserved royal residential palace from the Joseon period.

It was originally built in 1405 as a detached royal villa and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.




The Bukchon Hanok Village lies between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palace.

It is packed with over 900 hanoks which are traditional Korean houses.

Members of the royal family and aristocrats lived here during the Joseon period and it is still a residential area to this day.

As it has retained its old appearance, it has become a popular filming location for movies and TV dramas.

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At the end of the day, we headed over to the busy shopping district of Myeong-dong for some delicious street food.

I have no idea what these were called but they were delicious and tasted like flat takoyaki balls!


Day 5: Friday 24th June

A friend of mine recommended that I visit the Daelim Museum and during our visit, there was a Pantone exhibition on which I really enjoyed.


There were areas focused on glass, metal, fabrics and furniture but photography exhibitions are always my favourite!  <3

I just had a look online and there’s currently a photography exhibition by Nick Knight on so if you happen to be in Seoul from now till March 26th, 2017 – go check it out as it looks great! 😉

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Korean Starbucks!


As we were in the area, we also looked around the Hanok Village in Tongui-dong.

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I never know how to pose in photos by myself…


In the evening, Nath had dinner with a friend so my parents and I popped over to Seochon Village for some Italian food at Tombola.

Unlike most cities with a wide range of cuisines from all over the world, Seoul’s restaurants are mainly Korean.

Now, I like kimchi as much as the next person but I got pretty bored of eating the same cuisine 5 days in a row so we headed to this more expat-based area.


We’re big fans of seafood…


Day 6: Saturday 25th June

On our final full day in Seoul, I was very excited to visit the Hongdae Free Market which is an art market held at Hongik Children’s Park every Saturday, filled with beautiful handmade arts and crafts.

I bought some really beautiful postcards and stickers here <3


The Hongdae area was one of my favourite places in Seoul.

As Hongik University is renowned for its art college, the area is filled with awesome clothes and accessory shops,  so it’s the perfect place for a spot of shopping and to catch up with friends!

Also, bands often play in playground or vacant lots.

I had no idea what these girls were singing but they sounded really good.


Another favourite shop of mine was Artbox a.k.a cute stationery heaven.


Carrying on with the shopping theme of the day, we headed over the the Ewha Womans University area which, as the name suggests, is popular with young women.

The streets are filled with lots of little shops selling gorgeous clothes and trinkets.


To take a break from all that shopping, I had a delicious mojito-flavoured ice cream at Solid Works Ice cream which was delicious and refreshing.

Oh, and it looks COOL AS.


Our final stop of the day was the Sinchon ‘Pedestrian-Friendly Street’.

This is a cultural street that runs from Sinchon Station to Yonsei University filled with lots of restaurants, attractions and entertainment.


As we hadn’t had any Korean Fried Chicken on this trip, we decided to go ALL OUT at Outdark…


It was way bigger than we expected it to be and the chicken was pretty good but not as good as my beloved Hof and Soju in HK 😉


It was Seoul good to finally go on holiday with my family as it had been far too long!

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon for adventures in Bali 😉


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