For the first time ever, myself, Ry and my cousins from Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand all managed to get a few days off last July for a little reunion in Bali!

Friday 1st July, 2016

Our first time river-rafting and it was so much fun, apart from when we went down a small drop which felt more like 50 metres to me.

Bali 1

We also visited Besakih Temple, the most important, largest and holiest temple of Hinduism in Bali.


Your legs need to be completely covered so we rented some super stylish sarongs just down the road from the temple.

3 4

These girls were so persistent in trying to sell us postcards that they followed us to and from the temple, gabbling away the whole time!


Next up, we were taken to try the Ubud Luwak Coffee, along with lots of different types of tea.

I’m not a fan of coffee or the fact that these animals were caged and forced to eat mediocre berries but I tried the Luwak Coffee because I was curious as to how it tasted.

Conclusion: it is super strong and thick.


Our final stop of the day was Jimbaran Beach which is known for its great seafood and outdoor seating on the beach but unfortunately it was raining so we sat indoors.

Also, the food was a set meal that looked and tasted like it had been sat there for a long time and the quality was really poor, which was a shame.


Saturday 2nd July

Suki, Cherry and I went out for a lovely massage in the morning while the boys chilled out at the villa.


In the afternoon, we hired a taxi to take us to Tanah Lot Temple which is a popular spot to watch the sunset.

8 9

Afterwards, we headed to the beautiful Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak for drinks and nachos by the sea.

They also had an infinity pool where you could swim up to the bar so I was really keen to go back!


Dinner was a delicious affair at SMOKEHOUSE BBQ – lots of delicious meats and sides.

I’d definitely recommend it 😉


Sunday 3rd July

At 8am, we got picked up to go to Nusa Dua Beach where we would embark on a day at sea.

It was a gorgeous day but unfortunately Cherry and I felt pretty sea-sick.

12 13

You wouldn’t be able to tell that immediately after taking this photo, I had to sit down, close my eyes and try my best to pretend that I wasn’t on a boat.

Don’t believe everything you see online 😉


They managed to catch a single tuna on the way to the island, where I was much happier to be on land.

14a 14b

The chef at the restaurant kindly prepared the tuna sashimi for us with the addition of soy sauce and fresh chilis which were the absolute bomb!


After doing 2 snorkelling stops…

17 18 19

…we headed back to the villa where we chilled in the pool.

20 20a

The girls and I then treated ourselves to another massage and body scrub and by the time that we returned, the boys had already got the barbecue on the go!

Daniel is an absolute bbq pro 😉

20b 20c

Monday 4th July

The next morning, I woke up naturally at 10.30am and swam in the sun for 45 minutes.

I read The Lovely Bones by the pool and Ry and I walked around the local area of Nusa Dua while my cousins hung out at the villa.


It’s a small town where we passed the beach, kids on mopeds, shrines, offerings for gods, unguarded shops, lots of massage parlours and tacky tourist shops.

As it was pretty hot out, we chilled out in Starbucks and I had a refreshing iced spearmint green tea.


When we got back to the villa, we swam for a while and Ry had an underwater pot-noodle…


In the evening, we headed to a local hotel for a delicious buffet for our final meal together before my cousins all flew back home the next morning!

(This is my “I’m really full but I’m going to keep eating” face).


Ry and I stayed in Bali for 6 more days so you’ve got more Bali adventures to come 😉


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