Tuesday 12th July, 2016

On our first morning in Kuala Lumpur, we visited the awesome Batu Caves!


Love a good workout!


I didn’t actually know what to expect at the top but it’s pretty cool.

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We also checked out the Ramayana Cave which was filled with lots of statues telling religious stories.

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By the time that we reached Little India, the sun was setting and the sky turned a gorgeous pinky, purply colour which I was pretty enamoured with.

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big a fan of the food but Ry enjoyed it.


After dinner, we walked around NU Sentral mall and picked up some fruit from the supermarket because it can be hard to make sure that you get your 5 a day while travelling and I am all about the fruit and veg life.

Wednesday 13th July

The next day, we paid a visit to Chinatown and had a bowl of beef brisket noodles for lunch.


We also wandered down Petaling Street and Central Market which were full of the usual tourist tat.

14This is the super-catchily named Sri Mahamariamman Temple.

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Carrying on with the Chinese theme of the day, we also visited 2 Chinese temples.

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Afterwards, we checked out the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, by Merdeka Square, which was pretty cool.

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Chillin’ out in cafes is one of my favourite parts of travelling because it gives me some time to relax, look back at my photos and fill in my diary.

It’s also great to rest your weary feet and enjoy a good drink and a cheeky slice of cake 😉


Unfortunately, the heavens opened when we decided to leave the City Gallery, so we hailed a taxi to take us over to Talan Alor in Bukit Bintang, an area popular for Malaysian street food.


We got 8 different types of yummy siu mai and wontons to share.


Dinner was pretty terrible.


Thursday 14th July

As we were pretty shattered, we treated ourselves to a lie in before heading over to the Perdana Gardens.

Again, it was pissing it down so we had a look around the gift shop and Ry found lots of pretty souvenirs for his mum and niece.

We just chilled out under the shelter outside with a nice peppermint tea and coffee, playing a film game until the rain eventually stopped.

The gardens were pretty vast and it’s a nice walk if you want to get a bit of greenery in your life.

29 30

After the gardens, we headed over to Sentral Station to catch the train over to see the Petronas Towers.

It was awesome to finally see them for myself after having seen so many photos of them and they are just as impressive as you’d expect them to be!

31 32

We hadn’t had a cheeky Nandos in the 3 and a half years that we had been in HK, so we were pretty excited for one, as much as I hate to be THAT person…


That brings us to an end to our 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, see you in Sabah! 😉


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