Thursday 21st July, 2016

We arrived in Tokyo at 7.40am…


…and got to our air bnb in Shibuya just before midday.


Clean, tidy, modern and just a 5 minute walk to Shibuya station and the city centre, Johnny and Melody’s place was the perfect accommodation for us and we would thoroughly recommend it.

They gave us step by step instructions on how to get there and where to pick up our keys and were quick to respond to any questions that we had regarding the apartment.

They also included a wireless internet device which was perfect to help us navigate the city with ease!

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The view from the balcony wasn’t bad either 😉

Loved the snaps from my Japanese disposable.


As we were in Japan, we decided to go for an Indian curry for lunch in Shibuya (don’t ask me why because I don’t know).

Here we are at the Shibuya Crossing!


Our first day in Tokyo was spent vintage shopping around Shibuya, Omotesando and Harajuku.


Ry really wanted to buy a bomber jacket with a cool Japanese print on the back but alas, no luck unless he wanted to spend a small fortune (he didn’t).


I loved this sticker shop so much.

This is one of my favourites and I love the fact that they give you a tiny basket to put them in.


At 8pm, we joined a Meetup group to run 5km around the Imperial Palace.

After the run, we had some delicious ramen for dinner before crashing into bed.


Friday 22nd July

We woke up at 12pm and went to the amazing Tokyu Foodstore which is an underground supermarket with a huge cooked food area, serving some absolutely delicious things to fuel us up for the day.

My lunch consisted of wonderfully thin and tasty strips of beef with rice, vegetables, cheesy pasta and something that resembled quiche.



We visited Ueno, wandered around the shops…


… and the incredibly beautiful park which is the most popular in Tokyo.


As we visited during the summer, we were blown away by the beautiful lily ponds set against the classic city backdrop.

12 13

Love this photo from my disposable camera.


The market in the park was full of quirky bits and bobs which were really interesting.

Ry and I bought an art print each.


We were also super excited to find that there were swan boats!




In the evening, we headed back to Shibuya for a delicious dinner at Kaikaya by the Sea.


We sat by the bar and watched the chefs do their thing.


The sashimi here is freshly picked from the Tsukiji Fish Market every morning and tasted divine.

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Saturday 23rd July

Having had to buy the tickets a month in advance in Hong Kong, Ry and I were really excited to finally be visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum!


We took the train to Mitaka and took a nice 20 minute walk through the town and park to get there.


You’re not allowed to take photos inside but I can assure you that if you’re a Ghibli fan, you’ll love it!

They also had a cool little screening for a Totoro clip that wasn’t in the film, which was awesome.

Luckily, we could take a few snaps on the rooftop.

23 24

After around 3 hours at the museum, we strolled through the beautiful park…


… and had dinner at a cute café in the park.

Veg curry and cheesecake, mmmmm.


Not quite ready to head home, we visited Shinjuku and the narrow alleys of bars on Golden Gai.

28  3031

I love all the little unique personal touches given to each bar.


See you soon for more wanderings around Tokyo! 😉


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