Monday 22nd August

At 7.30am, we hopped on the bus for a swift journey over to Nha Trang.

Having done so many long journeys recently, 3 hours absolutely whizzed by, especially since I slept through most of it 😉

Once we had checked into our hotel, we went for a walk along the beach and bumped into Iwan and Guto, had a little catch up, before heading back to the hotel at 2pm to meet Jess!


As it started to piss it down, we headed next door for an unextraordinary lunch but we had plenty to catch up on so it didn’t even really matter.

Once the rain had stopped, we headed to the beach to chill for a few hours before booking flights to Hanoi.

We headed to dinner at Lanterns which was voted as TripAdvisor’s top Vietnamese restaurant in Nha Trang and it just so happened to be a short walk down the road so it was meant to be.


Jess and I got a little overexcited and ordered half the menu…


Keith joined us because he just can’t get enough of our beauty and bantz.

We ended the night at Why Not Bar.

Tuesday 23rd August

Our second day was spent at Vinpearl Land, an island with an awesome waterpark, aquarium and beach.

I never expected to visit a waterpark in Vietnam but it was it was really fun!



5 6 7

The light show was also really impressive – the best one I’ve ever seen!

8 9

Wednesday 24th August

For our final day in Nha Trang, we decided to treat ourselves at Thap Ba Spa to mud baths and heated pools because every girl deserves a good pamper day.


After picking up our bags from the hotel, we grabbed some local food from a restaurant by the train station.

We met Keith and all enjoyed a wonderful montage of train crashes at the train station before getting on our 11 hour sleeper train.


See you in Hoi An, cuties! 😉


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