Sunday 28th August, 2016

On Jess’ final full day in Vietnam, she left at the crack of dawn to go on a day trip to Ha Long Bay while Em and I had a leisurely breakfast later on and booked our overnight tours to Cat Ba Island and Sapa.

The guy at reception recommended a great place for Bun Cha (pork and rice noodles accompanied by the classic Vietnamese sides of raw veg, fresh chilis and lime) just down the road and it was SO GOOD! The people sat across from me at the small eatery also kindly offered me some crab rolls which were also super tasty!

After lunch, I bought a cute Vietnamese 2-piece for 100 dong which is the equivalent of £3.50! BARG!

I’m a celebrity 😉

We walked to the Cathedral and I had a cheeky Baskin Robbins rainbow sherbert ice cream.

This is the Hoam Kiem Lake and we walked across the red bridge to Ngoc Son Temple.

Afterwards, we checked out a few art galleries, sent off a couple of postcards and chilled out with cold drinks at the café outside the Opera House.

The red bridge look and lake looked pretty spectacular at night!

In the evening, we treated ourselves to a foot massage which was all nice and relaxing until they unexpectedly put our feet in BURNING WAX.

It hurt a lot but our feet did feel super smooth afterwards.

Probably because the wax had burnt off the top layer of skin.

We also got great manicures and pedicures. So you win some, you lose some.

We met Jess for dinner at a rooftop restaurant before heading back to the hostel for some maxin’ relaxin’

Monday 29th August

We started our day by trying not to get run over in the busy streets on the way to the Womens’ Museum, which was really interesting.

It was full of traditional outfits, beautiful photos and informative videos.

Lunch was enjoyed with a view over the Hoam Kiem Lake before Jess left us for the airport to head back to the UK.

Em and I wandered around the shops and the Dong Xuan Market for her to pick up a few souvenirs.

We stopped for a break at a café, one of my favourite parts of travelling, before more pho for dinner!

I’m obsessed.

As night fell, we packed our bags for our overnight stay to Cat Ba Island before crashing at midnight.


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