Tuesday 30th August, 2016

Em and I got picked up from our hostel at 7.50am to be whisked upon a 2 hour minibus journey, a speedboat and half hour coach ride to our hotel on Cat Ba Island.

Having a nice, big non-bunk bed was an absolute luxury!

Although we did want to visit Ha Long Bay, Em’s friend had recommended Lan Ha Bay instead as it was also really beautiful and far less touristy. To confirm this, Jess had told us that her trip to Ha Long Bay was full of tourist boats so we definitely made the right decision.

Lan Ha Bay was stunning and we were so lucky with the gorgeous weather!

A couple were dropped off on this beautiful island, the lucky things!

We were taken to Monkey Island where we were left to our own devices for an hour and a half, so we decided to kayak over to a small beach.

Triumphant that we had made it there, we left our kayak on the sand and went for a paddle before I felt a searing burning sensation on the top of my right arm.

I ran back onto the beach and we concluded that it was most likely a jellyfish sting. It hurt quite a lot and I was too scared to get back into the water so we paddled back to the main beach where our guide rubbed sugar and sand on my burn. Later, I had a pack of ice wrapped in a plastic bag tied around my arm.


Unfortunately, most of our time on the beach was spent dealing with the jellyfish sting but at least it wasn’t deadly and I have a SUPER COOL (very faint) scar to show for it 😉

Later on, we got back on the boat and enjoyed the lush views all over again.

A bus then dropped us off at the Cat Ba Island Beach.

Em is loving life.

We also decided to go on a big red float that was pulled along by a jet-ski. It was lots of fun but as we weren’t strapped in, we had to hold onto the handles really tightly to avoid getting flung into the sea.

As the sun began to set, we walked back to our hotel, showered, had dinner and ended the night with drinks and a cheeky mango crème brulee at Green Mango.

Wednesday 31st August

The next morning, we had planned to do a 4-hour trek but due to the fact that it was pissing it down, it was cancelled.


We had breakfast and chilled for a while until the rain stopped.

Our guide took us for a short walk around Canon Fort.

After the walk, we grabbed lunch at the hotel and lazed around the beach before our 4 hour journey back to Hanoi.

In the evening, we treated ourselves to a fancy meal at Gia Ngu, which was voted as one of the best restaurants in Hanoi.

I had a really good soup, chicken curry in a coconut and the best passionfruit smoothie!

See you in Sapa 😉


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