Thursday 1st September, 2016

At 6.30am, Em and I hopped on a 5 and a half hour coach journey over to Sapa.

We had a mediocre lunch at the hotel before a 4 hour trek to our homestay for the night.


As you may be able to tell from what I’m wearing, I was not expecting to be doing a 4 hour trek.

However, the views were absolutely incredible and Sapa(ssed) our expectations so I didn’t mind too much!

Meeting the locals.

Postcard-perfect views.

Once we arrived at our homestay on the top of a steep hill, we chatted to some lovely people who had arrived earlier that day and were given some very much appreciated garlic fries to snack on before dinner.

The electricity was turned off by 10pm and it was the first time that I had slept somewhere with mosquito nets and that was absolutely pitch black.

No middle-of-the-night toilet trips for me.

Friday 2nd September

We woke up at around 8.30am and shared a breakfast of bananas and pancakes.

After the pretty hardcore hike the day before, we opted to do the easy hike that was mainly on concrete and lasted about an hour and a half.

The waterfall was pretty cool!


At lunchtime, we had some instant noodles, cabbage and egg before getting a taxi back to the hotel.

It felt SO, SO GOOD to sit down.

After wandering around the town and down by the water for a bit, we got on the 6 hour coach ride back to Hanoi.

Saturday 3rd September

The taxi picked us up from the hostel at 6am and Em and I parted ways at the airport, her on the 9am to Bangkok and me on the 9.35am back to Hong Kong.

Thank you for being an amazing travel buddy, Em. Let’s go on another adventure soon! <3


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