At around 5am last Sunday morning, I got the idea to write this series of blog posts.

Basically, nostalgia posts are one of my favourites to write.

I got my first camera in August 2006, when I was 15, and I’ve loved taking photos ever since. I want to be able to capture moments and remember them.

Maybe they’ll make me smile, maybe they’ll make me cringe but I want to be able to look back on my life and see how I’ve changed – what I was like, what I wore, what I did and who I hung out with.

I have an external hard drive full of carefully organised photos and I wanted to do something with them so…

Cue snippets of my life in the Januarys from 2007-2016.



Meeting The Days, Paolo Nutini’s support band.

There is nothing right about my outfit here.

From the flower in my hair, my sparkly ‘Q’ necklace, horrific stripy jumper to my white shoulder bag.

My hair and eyebrows also look horrendous.

I have no idea what I was thinking.


Soph’s 16th birthday where the theme must have been ‘Princesses’ – either that or some of us made some great choices in the head accessories department.


Why did we do this?

Why am I wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with a floaty pink skirt?


This is the only photo that I had from January 2008.

We were at Jess’ house and just being all round legends in her pool room.


Til, Hannah and Soph’s joint 18th party.

The theme was vintage.

Damn, that strand of fringe…

Blu Cargo with Leo <3

Chris’ 18th birthday.

I’m sure you can guess the theme…

Look how shiny my hair was before I dyed it multiple times!

I wore those gold heart-shaped earrings to death.

Cheers, Superdrug!


When I decided that I really wanted to go in the sea in January; Sam and I both got our hair dyed red; cheeky webcam pic before his shift at the local Spar; train selfie after shopping in Exeter.



The first trip back to Jesters after the Christmas holidays!

Mine and Nikki’s first day-trip together.

These photos are so badly edited but it seemed like a great idea at the time.

Man, I love that Adidas jacket.


My flatmate whose room was right next to mine, the lucky thing 😉

I had the best flatmates! <3

I am loving the colour and shininess of my hair here.

Also, that outfit is pretty on-point, even if I do say so myself.

I have no idea where either of those items are these days :/

A 3-day trip to Istanbul with the Photosoc Society.


I worked at a cute Indie nightclub called Lennons during my second year of uni.

My friends and I would make frequent visits when I wasn’t working.

This is one of my favourite photos of me with one of my best friends, Sarah. <3


Also, a great cami.

Wahoo for Kai’s birthday but I never actually saw Kai that night as I’m pretty sure he got kicked out before I got there…


Hanging out with Ry and his adorable niece, Summer.

One last night out at Lennons and a game of bowling with some of my uni faves <3

Final meeting with Leo in Paignton before heading to Hong Kong.


My second year in Hong Kong.

My family came to visit and I went hiking in Tuen Mun.


Liquid nitrogen ice cream at Lab Made, seeing Bastille live in HK and meeting Ant for the first time.


Korean BBQ, the first time that Sal and I hung out outside of work (and eventually became BFFs), walking around Sham Shui Po and delicious homemade food at Ricky’s.

That Japanese cheesecake, though.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you soon for more gems from a decade of Februarys 😉


P.S. Sorry in advance to my school friends…

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