I went round Hannah’s to play Monopoly and there was most likely food involved.

I wish this photo was in colour so that you could admire my multi-coloured stripy jumper and baggy grey jeans – but y’know, I was going through a black and white photo phase.


Watching the sun set at Torquay Harbour.

Front row at a Newton Faulkner gig at Exeter uni.


The view as I left my house in the morning to go to school.

We know how to make the most of the snow…

Clubbing at Rude.

Sam always knew how to make me laugh.

His face usually did the trick.

I loved that cropped jacket with the fur hood from Jane Norman.

And my band tee from ‘The Days’.

Oh, fancy that.

It’s The Days again after playing a live set at HMV – honestly, judging by these posts, you’d think I was stalking them…


Clowns with my Bencrafters.

I’m not sure why we all have cat faces as I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a themed night but we look GREAT.

Ally and I hanging out at our everyones’ fave place after a night out at Jesters – Chick O Land Extra.

Every night at Reflex is 80’s night.

One of the very few times that we went out in SUSU.

Pretty sure that was meant to be a top.

Flat parties at our flat and flat 46 in the first year of uni.

Til came to visit Em and I at Southampton and we went to Sobar.


Disney themed night at Sobar.


This wasn’t a themed night.

I just really liked that gold chain.

Jesters with the flatmates <3

Looking like a midget next to Marianne and Sadie in heels…

Awesome daytrip to Winchester with Nikki and we bought these babin’ floral numbers from Accessorize.

That time when Andy arranged his own surprise birthday party at Rigby.




Boogying on down at The Edge <3

Most of these were taken on my disposable camera from the 99p shop and I love the way they came out.

Deb’s 21st birthday at Lola Lo in Bournemouth!

Pop for Roman’s birthday.

Kaos and Manzils.

Double exposure on my Diana Mini.


Getting computer noodles with my auntie and celebrating my cousin’s son’s birthday with a delicious mango cake.

I’m a natural with children; hot chocolate and Bridget Jones on my break from work; Chinese New Year red packets; cool thing on the ground – what’s it called?!

My cousin took a sneaky snap of me reading in the conservatory.

feb 13.JPG

Chinese New Year’s lunch.

feb 2013.JPG


Dragons Back hike over Chinese New Year; Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree on Valentines Day; Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

One of my favourite students bought me a chocolate rose for Valentines Day <3


Film camera fun in Central.

Ry cooked some delicious banana pancakes; The Chop House for dinner during Restaurant Week (pretty sure that’s what it was called); hotpot with the family; Nan at Chinese New Year.


Incredible homecooked food at Ricky’s.

The Thai-style abalone is insane.

As is the Japanese cheesecake.

The AIA Carnival with my favourite weirdos.

I am what the fashion-blogging world is missing.

Hike to the Devil’s Peak.


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