Wednesday 10th May, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today, I woke up with the worst sore throat and it hurt to swallow or speak.

I called in sick and slept till almost midday and felt much more wide awake than I would have done on my commute to work at 8.15am.

My auntie suggested that I visit her doctor in town which was much cheaper than the doctor I used to see in Prince Edward.

There was a half hour wait at the clinic but I didn’t mind as the time whizzed by while I caught up with things on my phone.

These are the things that I managed to do today instead of going to work:

  1. Bought cotton pads, cotton buds and fruit.
  2. Took out money to pay my aunt rent.
  3. Checked the money in both of my bank accounts and sorted all my emails.
  4. Returned my library book and took out a copy of Slumdog Millionaire which has been on my reading list for ages.
  5. Had lunch with my aunt and nan (noodles, wontons and fish slices)
  6. Uploaded photos to Facebook.
  7. Transferred all photos from my phone to my laptop.
  8. Uploaded a new blog post (A Decade of Aprils)
  9. Had a healthy home-cooked dinner.
  10. Read all blog posts which I haven’t had a chance to do in ages.

I love living in Hong Kong but the working hours are too long and you barely have time or energy after work to complete all your chores and do things that you enjoy.

Last week, I only worked 3 days due to the public holidays but I felt so much happier, relaxed and productive at work.

Despite not going to work, today felt very productive and I’m pretty happy about that.

This is just a casual little diary entry for me to look back on.

Happy Hump Day!


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