‘Physics Day’ – the coolest trio from GCSE Physics taking on Paignton Beach.

Kita came back to P-town for a visit.

That time when me, Hannah, Til and Harry went to see McFly, supported by the one and only Lil Chris.


Professional photoshoot with the gals in Dartmouth.


Zombie extras.

When Til and I really wanted to go fishing.

Also, let’s just take a moment to admire my outfit here: oversized Mcfly band tee, baggy grey jeans, checked belt, emo fringe, hair in bunches, white plastic hairband.

God bless 16 year old me.


Our one and only visit to Blackpool, having a CRAZY time on this ride in the arcade.

You can tell how much my brother is LOVING IT.


Family trip to HK.

‘Re-freshers week’ after the Christmas holidays.

A very imaginative ‘back to school’ theme with a surprise foam party at Wahoo!

I’d put on a lot of weight at this point after eating all the bread and pasta in the first semester of uni…

Linda paid me a surprise visit at uni and we went to the circus and it was so much fun!

The bottom 2 snaps are from wandering around Paignton park and pier.

Family trip to Bristol.


The crew reunited in Cardiff, where Jess and Soph were studying.

Til curdled our Lidl’s Baileys :/

Mine and Nikki’s trip to Poole, complete with a cupcake fair.

Our first day trip to Bournemouth.

We know how to party.

I love her.

Another family trip…maybe Weston Supermare?

Sam and I had an excellent day in Plymouth lazing around in the sun, eating seafood and watching N-Dubz like the real gangstas that we are.


Ry’s 22rd birthday.

Lennons and Sobar.


Cheeky selfie.

Cheesy lobster noodles with my auntie Agnes.


3 year anniversary and a visit to Kadoorie Park.

Our first trip to Thailand, featuring snaps from Phi Phi Island, Railay, Koh Lanta and Patong.


IFC rooftop.

A week in Japan over the Easter holidays, featuring snaps from Osaka, the Meiji Shrine, Nara, the Sunshine Aquarium and Tokyo.


Hermina’s leaving do and being a REALLY COOL CAT with Sal.

Ry’s 26th birthday do’s.


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