Sunday 2nd October, 2016

On a crisp Sunday morning, I met Deb at Queen Vic Market and we had mussels in a Thai coconut sauce from the Mussel Van at Queen Vic Market and they were so good.

Also the top of the van had a giant mussel on it and I regret not getting a photo of it to show you all now because it was pretty rad, especially if you love mussels as much as I do 😉

Even the food trucks in Melbourne are cool.

Deb also introduced me to my first ever bourek (a Turkish pastry roll) which was yum, we bought a few ingredients for dinner and did a spot of shopping around the CBD.

I’d heard everyone at Eason’s raving about Deb’s cooking so I was super keen when she invited me round for dinner.

If you’re reading this, Deb, YOU DA BEST.

Monday 3rd October

The next day was spent with Haydn at the beautiful Botanic Gardens, Shrine of Remembrance (it’s so much bigger and informative that I’d imagined it to be inside) and the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) which was alright but nothing really blew me away.

We wandered around Fitzroy Gardens which had an interesting fairy tree…

Just a couple of gnomes stuck in a spider’s web.


Dolphinately my fave part of the gardens.


In the evening, I met the lovely Liz and Yolanda for dinner at Captain Melville’s.


Saturday 8th October

In the morning, Eason, Deb, Kuma and I headed over to Weribee Zoo, an African-themed open range zoo.

We made it in time to get front row seats to check out the lions during feeding time.

I’d be lion if I said I wasn’t impressed by how close you could get to them.

Passed a cheeky meerkat on our way to the safari tour.


I’ve never been to an open range zoo before but I enjoyed it as I hate seeing animals trapped in tiny areas in zoos.

It was also awesome to be able to see so many animals together.

Emus are fucking terrifying, though.

After the safari, we wandered around the zoo a bit more.

Big up to these legends for making me feel so welcome in Melbourne, right from the very start! <3

My spirit animal: cute but deadly 😉

In the evening, we grabbed some really good laksa in the city and Eason and I caught Ellie Goulding’s final show of the Delirium tour.

It’s my fourth time seeing her live and she’s still killing it.

Wednesday 12th October

Cherry and John arrived back from their holiday in Seoul the previous day.

We headed into the city for brunch with Edison at White Mojo’s .

If you don’t Instagram your brunch, did it even happen?

In the evening, I cooked everyone a cottage pie.

I may have slightly misjudged the portion size though…

Friday 14th October

Cherry took me to one of my favourite places in Melbourne, the National Rhododendron Gardens, and we went on our first ever night of clubbing together in the evening.


Rhododendron Gardens2

Sunday 16th October

I met Muhan for lunch by the river and we checked out out the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy.

If I lived in Melbourne, I would have bought so much stuff there but alas, I couldn’t fit all the candles and art prints into my backpack.

The street art in Fitzroy is phenomenal and I love it.


We headed to Koko Black in the CBD and Muhan grabbed a flat white which I tried because my friend told me that even if you don’t like coffee, you need to try a flat white in Melbourne.

I genuinely really wanted to like it but coffee and I just aren’t meant to be.

Anyway, I had a chili hot chocolate and it was amazing.


Deb cooked us a delicious dinner and we headed over to Eason’s place to watch American Psycho.

An all-round great day.

Monday 17th October, 2016

Tash and I went on a wicked, fresh day-tour to Philip Island which marked the start of a beautiful friendship where she will take far too many photos of me sleeping on public transport and I will headbutt her so that she falls down in the corridor of the hostel.




    • Hey! Yeah, I enjoyed Weribee 🙂 Aww man, that’s one of the reasons that I left Melbs, I couldn’t deal with the cold, haha!

  1. wow! that open zoo / safari experience looks mighty awesome..never tried it yet but definitely want too haha…nice nice..thanks for sharing (as usual)!

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