The end of year 11.

#squadgoals #edgierinsepia


A day out at Broadsands with Linda and Jordan.


The end of year 13 and grammar school life.

Of course we had a theme and please enjoy a snap of James Menage giving us all a motivational speech.

(I can’t remember what he said but I’m sure it was highly inspirational).

Sociology crew.

Hands down the best  A-level class.

Another day, another The Days gig.


One of my many ever-changing wall displays in my uni room in halls during first year.

My first ever visit to Brighton, where Linda was studying, and I fell in love with it.

Second-year-housemate bonding sesh in the form of baking instant cookies.

When our flat organises a Moustache Party and everyone gives 110%.

Kids in Glass Houses in Bournemouth.

Burlesque shows at Orange Rooms.

Being the baddest bitch with my waistcoat crew (and Josh) at da club.

After our Flat 5 leaving meal at Tigerlily.

(Let’s just ignore my how horrendous my hair looks…)


Noah and the Whale at Portsmouth with Sarah.

Nikki and I were invited to be the photographers for the Languages Ball in exchange for a delicious 3 course meal.


Another burlesque show with some of my fave people <3


Procrastinating from revision at the local ‘beach’ where I actually got stuck in the mud.

Roman’s birthday at Pop.

Testing out my 20p disposable camera that I’d just bought at the car boot with Sarah.

The best uni housemates! <3

I love the circus and candy floss; Sarah loves spending time with me; Lennons.


Mothers’ Day; Polaroid in Mong Kok; Ry’s first month in Hong Kong.


Rico’s birthday at King Ludwig.

Nan’s 83rd birthday.

Japanese buffet with Jess; mediocre gelato; Art Basel; Ted Talk.


Dinners with Kanna and Rico’s birthday meal at a Korean bbq in TST.

Leaving my first teaching job.

Reunited with Leo, Linda and Til in the UK; daytrip to Brighton with Josh.

My fave roast at The Willow Tree; Torquay Harbour; Twister (best ice lolly ever); amazing dinner with Leo at The Harbour Kitchen in Torquay.

Rib ride in Dartmouth with the girls; Paignton Pier.

Josh a.k.a. Olenna Tyrell.

Cheeky Diego’s with the lads; British KFC is the best; PARTY TIGERS.

Brighton with JT.


Cuddles with Summer; Finbar cooked us all an amazing roast; dinner in Camden with my uni housemates; worst photo-booth ever but I still love it.


Lunch bubble at work with Sally.

First beach trip of the year with Kanna

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


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