Monday 17th October, 2016

Hahahaha, these blog posts are like 10 months late.

*high fives self*

Anyway, my top pal Hermina had mentioned that her friend Tash had planned on solo travelling around Australia at the same time that I would be there and that we should get together.

She had described Tash as “really chill and loves ponies.”

I later found out that she had informed Tash that I was “crazy.”

So, God bless Tash for agreeing to travel around Australia with me.

We had met a few days ago and went clubbing together but were equally unenthused by the lack of chart music in all the ‘cool’ Melbourne clubs – seriously, just get these girls some JB and Tay Tay, amirite?

On our first and only day trip in Melbs together, we decided to head to Philip Island.

We were picked up from the CBD at 10.45 in the morning and taken to the Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park which was small but offered us an insight into all the best Aussie animals.


Super cute.

♫ If you wallaby my lover, you gotta get with my friends ♫

Chill af.

Spending some koalty time with my new travel buddy.

(This was our first ever selfie together and it was a momentous moment).

Next, we were taken to the Churchill Island Heritage Farm, where we witnessed an incredibly unsuccessful dog show.

The dog was supposed to round up the sheep but it basically just ran off and did its own thing.

We found it pretty hilarious, though.

Party peacock.

We also watched a sheep shearing show for the first time ever and it was really bizarre.

The farmer asked the audience if we wanted to watch him shear a sheep blindfolded and proceeded to blindfold the sheep.


If you’ve never seen a sheep-shearing show before, let me tell you a bit about it.

The sheep looks completely drugged and out of it and we asked the farmer after the show if this was the case but apparently that’s just how they are…

Woolamai Beach was pretty but nothing spectacular.

After freezing our asses off at the beach, we were taken to a Koala Conservation Centre where we walked around and spotted a few koalas.

Now, I don’t want to be negative but tbh, if you’ve seen one koala, you’ve seen them all.

So, Tash and I just chilled in the café with a hot drink while the rest of our tour group looked at more koalas in trees.

Fuelled by a very mediocre dinner of fish and chips in Cowes, we set off to see the highlight of the trip: The Penguin Parade.

Tash and I got front row seats because we’re total ballers.

We had to wait for quite a while for it to get dark and for the penguins to come out of the sea so we kept ourselves entertained with a selfie or 10 and admired how great we looked.

Also, it was fucking cold on the beach so remember to wrap up warm!

Big up to Tash for that Snapchat sticker game.

It may have taken you about 10 minutes but you got there in the end and I’m forever proud of you <3

It was cool to see all the penguins coming out of the sea and you’re not allowed to take photos as it could scare them away, so I guess you’ll have to check it out yourselves 😉


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