Friday 21st October, 2016

On our second day in Sydney, we visited Bondi Beach and the Instagram-famous Iceberg Pools.


The weather forecast said that it was 28 degrees but IT LIED.

We tried sunbathing for a bit but gave up as it wasn’t all that warm.

So instead, we checked out the cute shops and street art.

I had some incredible fish and chips for lunch (the sign outside said that they were the best in Sydney so…) and a Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

Don’t mind me, guys, I’ll just be over here living my best life.

The town is pretty small and there’s not all that much to see but we were still glad to have checked it out.

We decided to walk back part of the way to the city because:

(a) We’re exercise queens

(b) We could check out a few more shops

(c) We could fill our tums with yummy smoothies. (Yes, I’m basically Tom Haverford).

Possibly the coolest café ever.

At around 5pm, we headed back to Base, chilled, wrote postcards and filled in our diaries before meeting Ollie (Tash’s brother) for dinner at Pieno in Darlington.

I had a really great prawn linguine – would recommend!

Saturday 22nd October

At the weekend, we took the ferry over to Manly, where Ollie was staying.

Apparently the beach is meant to be pretty nice but I didn’t think that much of it, tbh.

We hiked around the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Made it to the Fairfax Lookout.

When Tash and I got back to the city, we had a little shop around before chilling at the hostel and meeting Ollie for Japanese food at Niigari, just around the corner from our hostel.

Just FYI, I had a sweet chili prawn and tofu udon and it was bomb.

At 9pm, we watched the fireworks at Darling Harbour because Saturdays just call for a celebration.

Afterwards, we headed to the Mojo Record Club and watched a pretty awesome a band (along with the two couples in front of us who didn’t seem to realise that they were in public).

Other than the creepy 4-way, it’s a really cool bar that you should check out.

Sunday 23rd October

As the Blue Mountains were quite a big attraction in Sydney, we decided to go for a hike around.

Tash and Ollie opted for Springwood, the earliest town established in the Blue Mountains, as it was the closest hike for us as we didn’t have enough time to check out the more popular ones which were a bit more of a trek.

Armed with a delicious sausage roll, fresh from the bakery, we headed off on our 6 hour hike around the Sassafrass Gulley Reserve.

We made it to Martin’s Lookout and obviously had a really sassy photoshoot at the top to celebrate our peak physical fitness and just being all-round awesome human beings.

rlWe headed back on the 5.30 train and had dinner at a healthy burger joint called Grill’d which is all over Australia.

I went for the Grill’d Bird and Brie and it was amazing.

Grilled chicken, brie, cranberry sauce, salad and herbed mayo – COME TO MUMMA.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes to Ollie and headed back to our hostel to pack and rest before our final day in Sydney.



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