Hometown hangs with Linda.

Reppin’ the baggy jeans.


Looks like I wasn’t as snap-happy this year.


Swingin’ away at Primley Park.

Eyewear and greasy side fringe on point.

Broadsands with Leo, complete with Squires fish and chips (the dream).


Shade at the end of the first year of uni.

Sarah and I sumo wrestling like the legends that we are.

Josh and I got last minute tickets to see Florence and the Machine in Cardiff.

We missed the last train after the gig and ended up sleeping outside Cardiff train station.


Cocktails at Que Pasa.

Random art festival in Southampton.

Exploring beautiful Oxford with Em and Til.

First time punting and discovering the world’s best cookies: BEN’S COOKIES <3

That fringe was not a strong look for me.

Best day in the sunshine in Brixham with Sam and Linda.

Castle hunting in Totnes with Sam.



A day trip to Portsmouth with Nikki, complete with fish and chips (a running theme in my life).

London with Ry.

Jesters with the best flatmates <3



Home for my second and third year of uni.

Fun day trip to the Isle of Wight with Sadie and Marianne.

Oh, you’d never guess what I had for lunch…

Lomography snaps at the beach where I actually got stuck in the mud.

More lomo snaps.

Another day trip to London with Ry.

Wasabi’s sushi and the egg waffles with Nutella in China Town rule!

Brighton lovin’

Snoopers Paradise has the best photobooth.

Nikki, Nick and Sian’s joint birthday party at Rigby!

Film snaps at Lime Bar and Reflex.

We’re celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in the bottom right. My friends don’t usually dress like that.

Final Arnold Road meal at Mango and drinks at Que Pasa.

Olympic-themed party for Andy’s birthday.


Ry’s second month in Hong Kong



Tsing Yi Nature Trail, Street Art Exhibition in CWB, Tuen Mun Pier.

Family hotpot; tickets to see Ellie G in HK; candlelight vigil in Victoria Park for the Tiananmen Square Massacre.


A romantic getaway to Paris with Nikki.

So happy to see the Eiffel Tower for myself and Versailles took my breath away.

Daytrip to Weymouth and I love the bottom pic so much.

Nikki was not best pleased about turning 24…

The sweet potato fries didn’t seem to soften the blow of the aging process.

The door display at our flat in Tuen Mun.

The most beautiful beach in Hong Kong and Lush face masks after my first day at my new job.


A combined staff meal for me leaving and Sally’s birthday.

Queuing for noodles outside our fave noodle joint: Tam Jai.

Our last day at work together <3

Ry treated me to dinner at ABC Italian in Sheung Wan after my last day at work.

My fave burger palace: BEEF AND LIBERTY!

Nan’s birthday and watching Civil War at the cinema.

Epic food at Ricky’s: Thai-style steamed abalone and prawns (my fave); saliva chicken; beef curry and juicy clams in spring onion and ginger.


My parent’s visit to HK.

See you soon for a Decade of Julys 😉


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