Friday 28th October, 2016

The Greyhound picked us up from Byron Bay at 7.50 a.m. – punctual as always.


Anyway, after catching up on some sleep on the coach, we arrived at the Gold Coast at 9.20 a.m (after turning our clocks back an hour).

Tash and I dropped our things off at our hostel, Couple O’ Days.

We decided to stay for just one night at the Gold Coast because we’d heard mediocre reviews about it from friends and hadn’t found much to do online.

After freshening up a little, we headed over to the beautiful Surfers Paradise Beach.

For a beach in the city, it is absolutely stunning.

A long stretch of gorgeous white sand and blue sea.

However, the city itself is just an average high street with lots of tourist shops so we headed over the the Burleigh Head National Park.

Tumgum Lookout.

Oh, hey there!

After a half hour walk, we reached the gorgeous Tallebudgera Beach.

A quiet and secluded little paradise with clear shallow water for us to run around in.

We stripped down to our bikinis and commandeered a quiet little spot for the rest of the arvo (so down with the Aussie lingo).

When we felt a bit peckish, we took the (much easier) Oceanview Walk back to civilization.

Our late lunch was at Forty Two 20, a lovely little restaurant opposite the beach and I devoured an awesome chicken BLT burger.

After lunch, we wandered around the town and Tash bought a pair of extortionate but beautiful sunglasses which she will be sporting later on in this post 😉

We took the bus back to the city at 5pm, chilled at the hostel for a while and checked out the Surfers Paradise Market which was shit, tbh.

Neither of us were particularly hungry after our late lunch so we just chowed down on noodles, bought some postcards and grabbed a couple of bargz at a clothes shop that was closing down and everything was only $5!

Saturday 29th October

Although Tash and I had hoped to go whale watching in Hervey Bay, as it’s known as the best place in the world to see them, we would be too late by the time that we’d arrive there as they’d have migrated South.

As we both really wanted to see them and it was the final week available at the Gold Coast, we decided to head on the 9am ‘Whales in Paradise’ tour along the Nerang River.

Also, please enjoy the first outing of Tash’s lush sunglasses’ and my new $5 velvet dress.

Our guides were awesome and super informative about the whales, as well as the buildings that we passed.

The house on the right with the curved roof belongs to Jacky Chan.

There is no guarantee that you will see a whale when you come out on these trips but we were lucky enough to see quite a few doing flips.

We weren’t allowed to get too close to the whales but it was still an amazing experience that my photo doesn’t do justice.


After our 3 hour tour, we grabbed a very British lunch of bangers and mash before walking along Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Meri Beach.

We sunbathed on the grass, caught up on the reading, diary and postcard-writing.

At 5.45 p.m, we grabbed the coach over to Brisbane.

We arrived at 7pm and made our way over to our hostel, Bunk, in Fortitude Valley.

As it was the Halloween weekend and we had nothing for fancy dress but wanted to party, we did all we could with eyeliner…

I obviously went as Australia’s most notorious cat burger-ler 😉

After an average experience at Chur Burger, we proceeded to throw our shapes in the clubs.

The clubs that we visited were also average but Tash had a great time with a young sailor so swings and roundabouts, hey? 😉


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