Monday 14th November, 2016

We took the Greyhound from Airlie Beach at 7.30am and arrived in Townsville by 12.20pm.

The Rambutan YHA Hostel was by far the nicest hostel that we had stayed in during our time in Australia; it had bright white walls, a rooftop pool and a really nice looking restaurant.

After checking in, we grabbed some delicious Mexican food for lunch at Zambrero.

“Plate 4 Plate is Zambrero’s way of tackling world hunger. For every burrito or bowl a customer purchases at Zambrero, a plate of food is donated to someone in need in the developing world”.

I absolutely love this idea and wish that more places did it.

After lunch, we walked along The Strand, the Anzac Memorial Park and passed an empty beach as you can’t swim in the sea in this area due to the large number of jellyfish.

My kinda park.

Definitely wish we had our swimming stuff with us.

All my chins were so excited to see this turtle statue!

Having a turtley awesome time Down Under 😉

I love her so much.

I don’t even know what I’m doing here but I look really happy!

The fishing jetty.

Such a lush day.

We walked up to Kissing Point Lookout and I remember standing at this spot for a long time, just taking it all in, feeling so happy and reflecting back on how great this journey up the East Coast of Australia with Tash had been.

*deep thoughts*

I love Australia and their lagoons!

Such an awesome spot to sunbathe and to have a dip when you need to cool down.

As you know, Tash and I love a lookout point, so we walked up to the Castle Hill Lookout, taking the more difficult way up that had approximately 394349 huge steps.

It took us 50 minutes but it was definitely a good workout!

The views at the top were incredible!

That light, though.

The sunset was stunning.

We were even lucky enough to catch the Supermoon!

My photos don’t do it justice – it was absolutely beautiful.

We took the easier paved slope back down the bottom, watching the town turn into a land of twinkly lights.

For dinner, we grabbed a takeout curry and devoured it in the common room whilst watching a German-dubbed version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I’m sure you figured out that there were lots of German guests, Tash and I weren’t trying to perfect our German).

Tuesday 15th November

To make the most of our final (and only) morning with a gorgeous rooftop pool, we woke up bright and early to swim and sunbathe for a few hours before we had to check out at 11am.

For breakfast, we grabbed pies because firstly, pies are life and also because it’s impossible to get a decent one in Hong Kong so I definitely made the most of it.

Next, we headed to the aquarium where we listened to some talks about fish and lagoons (where we got to touch a starfish and shark egg), as well as visiting the turtle hospital.

The rest of the day:

  • Unextraordinary lunch from The Coffee Club but we sat out in the sun so it was great
  • Looked around a few shops
  • Got on the coach at 5pm and arrived in Cairns at 10.30pm and checked in at Calypso.


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