Friday 18th November, 2016

After a busy day on the Barefoot Tour and a night out, Tash and I had a lie in and grabbed the shuttle bus into town at 12pm.

We spent the day sunbathing down by the lagoon, fuelled on sushi rolls and organic ice lollies.

It was such a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing: TOTAL BLISS!

Saturday 19th November

At around 7am, we were whisked off to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest.

Mount Alexandra Lookout.

On a guided rainforest walk along the Jindalba Boardwalk.

Tash and I were savvy and had prepared our own lunch that we munched on down by the Cape Tribulation Beach, which had lots of signs warning us about jellyfish and crocs so that added a fun element of danger to our lunchtime.

After lunch, we grabbed some Daintree ice cream.

The passionfruit and pineapple ones were great.

However, the Black Sapote and Wattleseed were new to us and tasted a bit strange (one tasted like chocolate fruit, whilst the other tasted like a mix of coffee, fruit and Ferrero Rocher).

Next up was an hour-long wildlife cruise down the Daintree River.

We were even lucky enough to spot ‘Scarface’ – the biggest croc in the river!

My favourite part of the day was a visit to Mossman Gorge where we decided to get some material for our Tinder profiles/modelling portfolios.

Legs for days.


High standards, mate. High standards.

We are available for bookings.

Rex Range Lookout.

Sunday 20th November

That brings us to an end of our tour up the East Coast of Australia.

I flew back to Melbourne in the morning while Tash went to the Great Barrier Reef to get her advanced diving certificate because she’s amazing like that.

A huuuuuuge thank you to Tash for making this trip so much fun and for putting up with me and my quadruple chins, sleeping on all public transport (she has a really sexy collection of snaps that I’m sure she would love to share with you) and my obsession with pies and Snapchat stickers.

Cheers for being the best company on all the hikes, markets, beaches (always there to pop some suncream on my back), whale watching, singing so incredibly whilst kayaking, watching sunrises and sunsets, dancing to Cold Water and rolling our eyes at all the pretentious art.

It was the best trip and Tash, I’ll leave you with your favourite quote:




  1. Hi Queenie,
    just browsed some of your great pictures! I’d love to be there now! It’s a great place and I tend to say it’s the best place on earth – far north queensland! Did you stay at PK’s Jungle Lodge? It’s one of my favorates! Have fun! All the best Yosh


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