JAN – FEB 2017

On the 13th January, I returned to Hong Kong after 7 months of travelling.

This skyline will never cease to blow me away.

Yum cha with nan.

Shirley took me to Mrs Pound, a restaurant disguised as a stamp shop, for lunch and I managed to secure a part time job there the next day.

We also popped into Oldies round the corner for a drink.

Hotpot with the fam.

Reunited with my little sugar plop, Sally! ❤

Making the most of the new MTR line with a visit to South Horizons.

This tree reminds me of those around the temples in Cambodia.

Frozen Daiquiris at Tequila Jacks.

Love a good Snapchat filter.

The best karaoke team.

Doing a spot of early-morning volunteering at Food Angel where we prepared food for the elderly.

Awesome street art in Sheung Wan.

Taking Sally to see the Big Buddha because she’d been in HK for over a year and still hadn’t seen it.

It was crowded af.

You know you’re at a hipster café when they give you a cassette to settle the bill.

Freespace Happenin’

I love neon signs.

Little Thunder’s artwork is superb.


Street art on my way to work at Mrs Pound.

Hung Hom Harbourfront.

PMQ to see a mediocre art exhibition.

Little snack for two.

Home sweet home.


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