• Left HK on the 5pm flight and arrived in Osaka Kansai by 10pm
  • Dropped over my things at our airbnb in Namba
  • Walked around the corner to the busy Shinsaibashi which was just as I remembered from my visit over 2 years ago
  • Grabbed ramen for a late night dinner


  • Devouring some fresh seafood at Kuromon Market
  • Shittenoji Temple (not gunna lie, it’s a pretty unspectacular temple that I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to see)
  • It began to piss it down so we headed back to the airbnb and chilled
  • For dinner, we grabbed more ramen in Namba because ramen are the best kind of men 😉


  • We left at 7.30am for Kyoto
  • It worked out really well that both Karman and I wanted to see the same sites as the sites in Kyoto are spread far apart. We had to plan in advance exactly what we wanted to see, in which order to see them and how to get there.
  • I was so lucky as Karman is amazing at Google Maps and knowing which buses to get on and where to get off as I could definitely see myself getting lost without her! YOU DA BEST, KARMAN! <3
  • The sites that we visited were: The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kinkaku Ji (the golden temple), Fushimi Inari-Taisha (orange arches) and Gion (the Geisha district).
  • We grabbed Ichiran for dinner because it’s amazing even though they had one of those sneaky queue systems, like theme parks, where you think it’ll be your turn as you round the corner but it’s actually another 40 minute wait…
  • I didn’t even take a photo of the ramen as I was so hungry but I can assure you that it was delish!


  • As it was a Sunday, Karman and her brother had gone to church in the morning so I had a lie in
  • I met Ruben in the afternoon and we hit up some shops in Namba, marvelled at the middle-aged men throwing some incredible shapes on the dance machines at the arcade and I introduced him to ramen because that is apparently all that I eat in Japan.
  • We met Karman early in the evening and walked over to Osaka Castle which looked awesome at night.
  • We wandered around Americamura before heading back to Shinsaibashi for conveyer belt sushi for dinner.


See you soon for the second half of my trip to Japan! <3


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  1. Thanks for the pictures of Kansai. I lived there for 3 years (a long time ago) but some things have not changed (Kani Doraku for example). Thanks for the nostalgia.

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