For those of you that don’t already know, I grew up in a little seaside town called Paignton in Devon (the South West of England).

Don’t let the fact that it includes the word ‘pain’ in its name deter you from visiting, because it has its own unique charm.

The pier is one of our main tourist attractions and its website describes it as follows:

“Award-winning Paignton Pier, reaching out majestically from the centre of Paignton seafront, is an unmissable destination for fun, food and relaxation.”

So after I caught up over a smoothie at one of Paignton’s many new cafes with the ever gorgeous Leo (after 2 and a half years), we hit up the pier because we know how to have a good time.

Also, they do the BEST DOUGHNUTS!

Freshly made to order, it was the perfect thing to warm us up on our walk along the pier.

Such a babe.

I have no shame.

Our fave Snapchat filter <3

The designers of this arcade seem to be massive fans of Paignton because its name is all over the place!

Hopefully I’ll see you there in the future 😉


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