Post Thai food, pre chocolate eggettes.

Dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Co Thanh.

Moderately excited for shaved ice at Shari Shari Kakigori House.

Out out.

Overpriced Japanese/Brazilian fusion at Djapa.

Leaving meal with these cuties at my favourite buffet restaurant, Playt.

Another fun leaving meal with Cat and Al at 5019 Premium Factory, a Japanese burger joint.

A final visit to Oddies for one of my fave desserts, the Nightwolf.

Early morning at the airport to fly back to the UK.

The best aunt in the world! <3


Some of my favourite food in England: a fry up, mum’s homecooked food (bacon and mixed veg; freid prawns, steamed egg; steamed chicken and dried oysters), more Chinese food at the Mayflower in Bristol (surprisingly better than some restaurants in Hong Kong), a roast dinner.

Looking like an extra from Game of Thrones.

Catching up with Leo on Paignton Pier.

Wandering around the Christmas Markets in Rochester with Em.

Nath graduated from his masters at the University of Kent.


Master of None (left) and Masters of Mathematics and its Applications (right).

Celebrating Em’s 27th birthday at Winter Wonderland.

Catching up with pals in London.

Black Friday Sales at Topshop!

Be there or be Trafalgar Square.

Holland Park and Oxford Street in London.

I finally moved in with Sarah and Muesli at the end of the month! <3


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