Back to the days of posing for black and white photos on my webcam.


Woodlands with Al and my family.

Trying to be arty in a horrendous outfit.

When you take your first group holiday to Newquay and want to let everyone know where you’re from…

Hanging out with some Yorkshire lads in our hostel.

Til came for a quick visit too!

Newquay highlights!


Jess and Sarah’s 18th and a trip to the fair!


Em’s 18th where she set up a ball pool in her house, we watched the Iconyx at Rude and met Ms Dynamite, who is bloody hilarious!


Night out before starting uni

Trying to take arty shots in black and white.

Trying to take arty shots of fireworks.

A fun day out in Paignton and Broadsands with Sam and Linda


Jess’ 19th birthday!


Brockenhurst with Ry

Jess’ 20th birthday!


Apparently I didn’t take any photos in August this year.


Jess came to live in Hong Kong for a year; swimming in our rooftop pool; Sarah and Luke came to visit!


Cuties in class, wontons at Mak’s Noodles, hotpot with Dave and Teri, seafood buffet – NOM!

Josh came to visit me in Hong Kong!


Dinner at the Globe and dinner party at Ness’

Karman’s leaving meal, chicken hotpot with Dave and Teri, Big Wave Beach with Kanna


Japanese buffet with the girls at work and hotpot buffet in Kowloon City with Joee and Dom

Mine and Em’s month of adventuring around Cambodia and Vietnam began with a visit to Siem Reap in Cambodia where we saw more than our fair share of temples.

We also visited the Killing Fields and S21 Museum in Phnom Penh

We took the night bus over the border to Vietnam.

Starting in Ho Chi Minh, we discovered that pavements have a very different meaning, crossing the road  always held a fun risk of whether you’d make it across alive, devouring my favourite meal in Vietnam (a seafood tom yum hotpot), being glam on a rooftop bar, floating down the Mekong Delta and taking a very long coach ride over to Da Lat.

The Secret Tour with Ron was one of the highlights in Vietnam!

Jess joined us in Nha Trang, where we ate a ton of food, ran around a waterpark and sunbathed at the beach.

Our next stop was Hoi An, where we met the lovely Yeter, learnt to cook a delicious Vietnamese feast, had drinks on a boat and sunbathed a bit more.

Jess left us in Hanoi while Em and I continued to be blown away by the incredible views on Cat Ba Island and hiked A LOT in beautiful Sapa before we headed our separate ways.

August 2016 was definitely my favourite 😉


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