Last weekend, I headed into London to hang out with some of my favourite people.

At around 1pm, I arrived at Til and Fred’s where Til cooked us a delicious lunch of English muffins, smoked salmon and poached eggs. After a big old catch up, we headed over to the Old Spitalfields Market where all the food looked so delicious, but I was strong and refrained myself as I was meeting Tash and Hermina for Palestinian food at Tabun Kitchen.

Hermina grabbed us some £15 vouchers (which expire on the 25th January so grab them here) and we were very excited, especially as Tash and I had never tried Palestinian food before.

So for starters, we had the falafels, tabun bread, hummus, moutabal (a dip like hummus but made with grilled aubergine and tahini). We also shared two homemade manaeesh ‘Palestinian pizzas’ (a thin, light base that’s dairy free). Lamb is one of the only meats that I’m not a big fan of and Tash recently became vegetarian so Hermina devoured most of the Lamb Tahini Kofta which she really enjoyed. Our other choice was the Spinach and Sumac option which consisted of some kind of spinach and fresh pomegranates which was really good dipped in the sauces.

The starters were great!

For our mains, Hermina had the Lamb Makloubeh (slow-cooked, tender lamb on savoury rice with thyme-grilled vegetables) and Tash had the veggie option, which they both enjoyed. I went for the Muskhan Chicken: the menu stated that if Palestine had a national dish, this would be it so of course I had to go for that one! It consisted of sumac-roasted chicken with caramelized onions and pine nuts on flat bread. The chicken was pretty delicious but the flatbread was absolutely drenched in oil so I couldn’t eat it.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a visit but just be aware that the staff can be quite forgetful. We asked for water about 4 times before we actually got any.

After dinner, we grabbed some cookies from Ben’s Cookies around the corner and had a little wander around Tiger.

How was your Saturday night?

Genuinely no idea why I’m still single.

Post Tiger-madness, we met some of Tash’s friends at a pub in Soho. I don’t remember what it was called but her friends rated the pies very highly and I was so  jealous and disappointed that I couldn’t fit one in because I love pies more than life itself.


On Sunday morning, Til made us some incredible sandwiches which she had been inspired by from a restaurant back in Brixham.

For a fancy BLT, you’ll need: tiger bread (toast it on one side), aioli (spread it on the bread), bacon, sundried tomatoes and some fancy lettuce. If like me, you put Tabasco on everything then it also adds to the magic of this bad boy. Thank me later 😉

After lunch, we headed over to Greenwich.

Nothing I love more in a window display than creepy dolls.

And a tiny tea room at the back of an antique store.

Til also took me to an awesome shop where all the books were only £1!

Greenwich Market was pretty cool and I basically wanted to eat everything in sight but alas, we were still full from lunch.


So we decided to check out the sailing ship Cutty Sark, the world’s sole surviving tea clipper and fastest ship of her time.


Til and I then wandered up the hill in Greenwich Park up to the Royal Observatory.

I also loved checking out the exhibition for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year, the biggest international competition of its kind!

This was my personal fave and I can’t believe that it was taken by a 14 year old!

The view from outside the observatory was also pretty great.

Unfortunately, by the time that we left, the market food stalls had already closed so we grabbed some food at Pho Street as I’d been craving pho since I came back to the UK.

I had the Pho Dac Biet (chicken, prawn and beef in Vietnamese noodle soup), Til had an amazing Lemongrass Chicken Bao and we shared the Salt and Pepper King Prawns.

I didn’t even think to take a photo because I was so excited to devour everything and it was all so good, I’d definitely recommend a visit!

Luckily for you, I did take a photo of their toilet so feel free to vote for me as Blogger of the Year.

There were so many restaurants that I’d love to try in Greenwich so I’ll definitely be back!

Cheers Til, my tour-guide extraordinaire!


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