Lunch picnic in Exeter with Al


‘Rave’ night at Em’s – SO MUCH FUN!

Gathering at Ponner’s


The first month of uni where we got really into going to Oceana every Wednesday.

Fresher’s Ball (Calvin Harris was there and it was a bit crap); Small Halls Ball at Bliss was really fun; JESTERS!

Beach themed night at Jesters!

Flat 5 go to Bliss (and find Josh)

Fun nights out at the Hobbit!



Our first house meal at our new flat.

I think this was at Rhino but I’m not 100% sure…

Night out at SUSU and an ‘anything but clothes’ night out at Revs.


Love a good farm outing.

Vintage Fair at uni with Nikki


Halloween at Richmond

Halloween at Orange Rooms, burlesquing it up!


Ielona’s epic roasts, a night out with the XSS crew, ice skating, fry up, a visit from Summer (Ry’s niece), a day trip to Hythe, fish and chips and curry sauce with a side of hot and sour soup.

A day trip to Porchester, hanging out at Craig’s and exploring London.

A photo day with Nikki

Halloween haul with Summer


Our first visit to Palm Beach, Mong Kok, a giant jar of Nutella, I got my hair cut, Quarry Bay.

Lamma Island, Lab Made liquid nitrogen ice cream, Victoria Park, wandering around Central, Genki sushi takeout, Tuen Mun, yummy chocolate puff from Choux Crème, kayaking away from the junk boat in Sai Kung, one of my students drew a great picture of me.


Craig and Finbar visited us in Hong Kong.

We took them to Mong Kok during the Umbrella Movement, played 4 person air hockey, climbed up the mountain behind our flat, played bubble football and devoured a ton of junk food.

Being professional travelers on the MTR, checking out the prices of prostitutes in Yau Ma Tei, dinner on Lamma Island, Kadoorie Farm.


Nan cooked us dinner!

Prince Edward, represent.

One of my fave photos of Sally and I <3

Sophia’s leaving do!

Family feast

Lots of food with lots of friends

BLT Burger, wandering around Sheung Wan, shopping in Admiralty, Korean fried chicken at Hof and Soju.

Halloween at our flat!

We wandered down to Victoria Harbour in the early hours.


Fun in Melbourne and seeing Ellie Goulding for the third time!

Weribee Zoo

The first time that I met my travel buddy, Tash, and we went on a day trip to Philip Island.

Sydney, Bondi Beach, Sassafras Gully Walking Track and Manly.

Byron Bay!

Gold Coast.



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