Damn, this month has absolutely flown by and here’s the first roundup post of 2018!

When you and your flatmate are bored and unemployed so decide to face paint each other.

Josh came to visit us in Camberley!

Sian and Dec joined us at Marwell Zoo!


I pepperonly have eyes for you.

Trying Palestinian food for the first time and catching up with Tash and Hermina.

A fun day trip to Greenwich with Til.

Drawing for the first time in ages.

I had a massive pho craving and there are no Vietnamese restaurants nearby so I decided to try cooking it for myself using this easy recipe and it was really yum!


Nikki took some of my favourite photos ever in Bournemouth!

Behind every great photo is an Instagram Husband.


(Don’t worry, we took turns. I’m not a massive dickhead…)

Midnight visitors in my room <3

Finally got round to trying the food at Ikea and it’s so bloody good!

Chicken meatballs are life!


I didn’t need to buy anything so I just followed Sarah around and impressed her with my really good puns.


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