Although I love the look of photos from disposable cameras, I’m not a fan of the price tag that comes with it, especially being unemployed at the moment.

So I scoured online and came across a free app called Kudak Pro where you can take photos and see them once you’ve finished your roll of 24 images.

I used the app sporadically throughout December last year and January this year. The roll finally clicked to zero today and I’m pretty happy with the results.

It’s a fun surprise to remember what’s on there!

I haven’t edited anything so some of the photos are a bit dark but I think it just adds to the charm 😉

Staying in Til and Fred’s spare room in London.

The tube.

Magical Christmas.

Holland Park.

Til and Fred love spending time with me.

All my friends are beautiful in their own way.

First night in Camberley with Sarah.

Nikki treated me to Alex Wok for my birthday!

Yately Country Park.

On the way to Marwell Zoo with Josh and Sarah.

Muesli at the park.


The first sunny day in January!


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