A classic day of dayridering on the bus with Linda.

Pigeon Detectives.

The best atmosphere of any gig I’ve ever been to. When they came on, the crowd got so excited that I didn’t even touch the ground for a few seconds.

Children in Need Day when Saz and Hannah swapped outfits and Harry’s 17th birthday.


Mark’s lifeguard themed party at Blu Cargo.

Anna’s 18th birthday.



Feeding the ducks at Southampton Common.

School-themed night at Oceana and S Club 3 were performing!

The first (of many) Flat 5 parties!

Flat 46 and 12 party!

Sam and Linda came to visit me at uni and it was one of my favourite times!

Night out at Wahoo!

Sam, Linda, Dec and Arran decided to turn everything in my room upside down while I was out…

Afternoon drinks.

Bloody love this ad.

Walk down to the Common to be the ultimate gangstas and to feed the ducks.



Protest in London for the increased tuition fees.

Bliss with the Arnold Roaders; first time at Unit with Em and snow at uni.

Seeing Ellie Goulding for the first time with Nikki.

Lennons with Sarah and Scarlett, where I asked and got a job there on the night!


Orange Rooms and Rhino.

Chili Whites.


Fireworks and Til came to visit Em and I in Southampton, so obviously we went to Jesters!


Dad’s birthday feast at Poopdeck.

Trying out my dad’s old camera with Leo in Paignton.


Nikki made me a lovely scrapbook with this beautiful message inside.

Just living my best life in a moon gate.

Palm Beach, Genki Sushi, drawings by my students, Wong Tai Sin Temple, sunset after work in Tuen Mun.


Celebrating my uncle’s birthday with an outdoor feast in Yuen Long.

Marianne came to visit me in Hong Kong for 2 days, hiking around Kadoorie Farm, getting a perm, my colleagues at Jolly Kingdom and this little cutie that I’d taught in playgroup but was now in phonics classes.

Lunch with my mum and aunt, the garden by Wong Tai Sin Temple, Kadoorie Farm, selfie with my nan, pulling off those glasses like there’s no tomorrow, rad graffiti in Sheung Wan, dinners with Dave, Teri and Calvin!


Inspiration Lake.

Taya’s birthday drinks at Medusa.

Sad Noodles with the girls from work.

Work selfie!

The awkward moment when you’re 24 but look about 12.

Japanese buffet at Banmoto for Cynthia’s birthday!

My friends love spending time with me…

Our first ever Oddies experience in Wanchai!

German food in a barrel.

Our first Clockenflap festival.

Where we discovered Beef and Liberty burgers and it changed our lives!

Mum and dad came to visit in Hong Kong.

I treated dad to a seafood feast on his birthday!


Travelling up the East Coast of Australia with Tash ❤

Mount Cootha Lookout in Brisbane, churros and hot chocolates and a ride along the harbour at night.

Stumbled across a random food market and absolutely loved it!

Sunbathing by the man made lagoon.


Passed a giant kangaroo at a service station on the way to Hervey Bay and visiting Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world!

Watching the sunrise on the beach round the corner from our campsite.

Lake Mckenzie was our highlight by far.


The pier at Hervey Bay.


Townsville, where we saw the super moon!


A night out with our new pals after the Barefoot Tour.

A day trip to the Daintree Rainforest and final day in Australia with Tash!

Back to Melbourne and staying at my cousin’s flat in the city centre, love the street art and incredibly good poke (Hawaiian fish salad)!

Early birthday dinner with Cherry and John ❤


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