A day-trip to Brighton with Til, complete with THE BEST OLIVES IN THE WORLD at Casa Don Carlos, photo-booth fun, seaside strolls and cups of super rich hot chocolate. (Lots of Ben’s Cookies too but not pictured!)

Book Club.

Muesli is as impressed with Catcher in the Rye as I am.

Milford on Sea with Sarah and Muesli.

I’m not a fan of the British Museum but the building itself is beautiful.

In February, I started volunteering at Cancer Research which I’ve really enjoyed. I find organising things really therapeutic and everyone who works/volunteers there is really nice.

I also started working as a support worker in Camberley and it’s always good to gain new skills but it’s not challenging enough for me. I’ve also realised that it’s not where I want to be long-term so have begun applying for work in London and I found a job that I’d really like (teaching English to refugees within a charity) so I’m currently waiting to hear back from them.

This was not a good month for love but some things just aren’t meant to be.

Let’s do this, March!


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