Sunday 25th March, 2018

Last Sunday, Nikki and I headed over to Brockenhurst, a village in the heart of the New Forest, for a day of catching up, stroking horses and shooting 171 photos which I’ve managed to cut down for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, no Nikki-and-Queenie-Day-Out would be complete without hot chocolates topped with a mountain of cream, marshmallows and Flakes!

The great thing about Brockenhurst is that animals roam free, so we can stroke them and give them names like Felonious, Fabarino and Tarquinius.

Oh, hey!

When you’re not a natural in front of the camera, just look down or turn your back on it like a moody teenager.

But if you’re actually photogenic, then just work it GUUUUURL!

If you’ve never seen me cross the road before, then you are in for a right treat!

Love a good forest backdrop.

Posing up a storm is hard work so you gotta get your naps in where you can 😉

Nikki also made an excellent little video of our day out that I’d thoroughly recommend if your idea of a good time is watching two weirdos stroke horses, take photos of hot chocolates and prove to you why they haven’t made it onto the Victoria’s Secret catwalk (yet).

Hope everyone’s been enjoying the long Easter weekend and eating lots of chocolate eggs, it’s what Jesus would have wanted!


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