MARCH 2018

Contrary to the way I look in this photo, I was not happy about the fact that it was snowing in March.

But I was very happy to catch up with Sadie in London and explore Borough Market, The Breakfast Club and go vintage shopping on Brick Lane.

We love being at work.

Loved catching up with Marianne over a delicious lunch at The Giggling Squid in Guildford (you can’t go wrong with Thai Tapas) and emptying my bank account at the shops, especially when Marianne found me the perfect dress for every occasion in Urban Outfitters…

Almost 3 years later and our uni house was finally reunited!


Oh look, it’s fucking snowing again.

Loved Til’s suggestion of finding the dinosaurs in the Crystal Palace Park.

Warming up with a hot choc at a café that made me feel like I was in Melbourne, minus the sunshine.

Part hot water bottle, part bf.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of my amazing, hilarious, kind, smart, supportive, strong, hard-working and beautiful friends.

In the wise words of Leslie Knope:

Hos before bros.

Uteruses before duderuses.

Ovaries before brovaries.

An excellent day-trip to Brockenhurst with Nikki, complete with hot chocolates, horses and posing up a storm.


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