Last Saturday, I headed over to London for my first ever Pride!

So great to see this at the Tube station <3

As I wouldn’t be meeting Sadie and Marianne till later in the afternoon and wanted to make the most of my day in London, I met Hannah and Til for a lovely picnic and catch up in St James Park. Til brought the most beautiful picnic blanket that her mum had made but unfortunately she couldn’t join us for Pride as she had a friend visiting who was much more into the World Cup.

Here are my thoughts on football:

Nevertheless, it was great to see her and Hannah and I had some quality date time in the sunshine.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Marianne and Sadie who glittered and rainbowed us up!

As you can imagine, Pride was colourful and full of positive vibes which I was all over.

I love it when friends from different friendship groups meet and get on so well!

Even if they do start making a cheese baguette and snack on carrot sticks at hummus during the festivities…

“I feel like I am both championing healthy eating and sustainable partying.

A modern day heroine.”

You can have a mini picnic anywhere if you try hard enough, right Han?! 😉



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