I’d not been around for mum’s previous 5 birthdays as I’d been living in Hong Kong.

So, seeing as I was in the country this year, I decided to take some time off to head back to Devon for a few days to celebrate with her.

I’m sure that my huge fan-base would agree that my presence is the best present anyone could ever hope for.

In the afternoon, I arrived in Exeter and we grabbed some lunch at The Rum and Crab Shack – Mum and I would thoroughly recommend the Street Corn with Chili Cheese Coating! The Gumbo was pretty good too.

After a spot of shopping, we headed home to Paignton, chilled for a bit and had dinner at Prezzo (I’m not a fan but my parents wanted to try it as they had vouchers but they agreed that they probably wouldn’t go back either).

The next morning, I walked down to the beach.

Although I’m much more of a city person, I loved growing up by the sea.

Great to see that Paignton’s street art scene is as strong as ever.

For me, no trip to Paignton is complete without wandering around the numerous charity shops.

When I got home, my parents and I made wontons and my mum’s homemade ones are the best!

For those of you who don’t know what wontons are, they’re basically dumplings filled prawns with pork (mum uses pork belly which she minces herself as she says that pre-minced pork is crap), cooked in a light broth. Mum adds some Chinese Leaves and you can also add noodles too, if you’re feeling extra peckish.

They go really well with a bit of chili oil/chili sauce/fish sauce – it’s up to you and how you want it to go down in Flavour Town.

Mum’s given me the recipe and Sarah recently bought some wonton pastry from the local Chinese supermarket so watch this space 😉

After lunch, we headed over to Cockington Village for a stroll.

I am an inspiration to all.

Obviously, the main reason that we were in Cockington was for the excellent cream teas.

Do you put the cream or jam first?

In the evening, I treated mum to dinner at Rockfish (a seafood restaurant by the harbour) in Brixham.

For starters, we shared the Thai Style Oysters and Norwegian Prawns – both delicious!

Our mains took their sweet time to arrive but we were ecstatic when they did!

I usually go for Hake but they’d ran out so I had the Grilled Megrim (pretty good but you just have to be really careful with the bones), Mum went for the Dover Sole (which she enjoyed but said that she could have done a better job cooking it – #classicasianmum). Dad had the Chargrilled Calamari Steak to try something new. It was pretty good and really tender but a touch too buttery for my taste.

All washed down with Rockfish’s delicious Unlimited Chips dipped in my favourite chip accompaniment: curry sauce.


On mum’s actual birthday, we started the day with a fry up a.k.a. the breakfast of champions.

After breakfast, I took them to Brixham and showed them round some of the charity shops and my mum ended up buying more than I did! Dad even bought a few shirts, so a very successful trip!

Once mum had tried on half the clothes in the shops, we went for a walk down the Breakwater.

I used to come here a lot with friends back in the day.

It’s one of my favourite places in Torbay, especially on a sunny day, and I’m glad that I finally got to share it with my parents.

In the wise words of Metronomy: “It feels so good in the bay.”

As I had work the next day, I had an early dinner at home (satay spaghetti, king prawns and boiled lettuce) and took the train back to Camberley.

Although my mum told me not to come back for her birthday because the train tickets were so expensive, I went back anyway because there’s no point having money if you don’t get to spend time with those that you love!



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