The first time I got drunk at Em’s.

Alcohol is not my friend.

Whoever wrote ‘I love my penis’ on me in my vulnerable state is also not my friend.

My 17th birthday!

Sam’s annual Christmas Eve Eve party!


Mine and Em’s joint 18th birthday!

Our theme was glam and bright colours, just to mix it up from the classic LBD.

Disney themed NYE at Jess’

One of many 18th birthday parties at Blu Cargo with our bubblegum pitcher.

#classy #nextupisanarchersandlemonade


My first semester at uni where we took photos for our hall’s calendar.

I also got roped into being the zombie photographer because I’m a lej.

My 19th birthday party at our flat with my new faves <3

A day-trip to London to Arran (the little ginger twerp)

Looking through old photos, I realised that I did this creepy thumbs up gesture whilst looking constipated in way too many snaps.

Last Oceana trip before the end of the first semester and Christmas holidays.

Last Jesters trip!

Still sporting the creepy thumbs up/constipated look.

Got a free drink from the DJ though 😉

A day out in Plymouth with Samalam.

You’d think that the middle photo was taken post-night-out but no.

Sam just decided to try on my trackies as a potential wig for the night.

Sam’s Christmas Eve Eve party!

Me: “Hey Linda, let’s take some edgy black and white photos!”

Linda: “OK, go sit in the bath tub with your drink.”

Me: “Oh, great idea! That’s so edgy! Let’s take a photo with Sam’s dog!”

*dog runs off*

Me: “Oh well, let’s improv!”

I went for a walk into town on Christmas Day.

Dartmoor with Sam and Linda.

Dim Sum in Bristol with the fam.

NYE at Rude.

It smelt like a toilet but it had cool lights and great bands so I don’t think anyone minded once they’d had enough to drink.


My 20th birthday which my friends at Rigby Road organized, so I took over their house for the evening as it was a much more suitable location to accommodate my huge fan-base.

Christmas dinner at Arnold Road before heading home for the Christmas holidays.


My joint 21st birthday party with Em!

Sarah had organized a game of pass the parcel before we went out and we threw many a shape at Wahoo!

Jess and Soph joined us for our birthdays and we wandered around the Christmas Markets in Winchester, saw Delilah at the Joiners and we introduced them to my fave ‘club’: Jesters.

A 2-day trip to London with Ry to check out the Christmas Markets and I won a £15 voucher at Spitalfields Market on a Wheel of Fortune and got a new dark green cardy.

There’s a horrific video of me talking about my win on YouTube somewhere and it’s the cringiest thing ever.

Our second and final Christmas dinner at Arnold Road.

Friendly Fires, Noah and the Whale and my badge at Odeon when I worked there as a Christmas temp.

Another dinner in Bristol with the fam.

Beach walks with my fave weirdos.


Celebrating mine and Anna’s birthday with my CELTA crew in Exeter.

Ry visited for a few days and dinner and drinks with my Torbay gal pals.

2-day trip to one of my favourite places: Brighton.

Taken on film.

Ry made some GIFS.

Ellie Goulding in Southampton <3

Twenties-themed NYE at Hannah’s


Turning 23 in Hong Kong: Japanese Food and watching the Hunger Games at the cinema.

Our first trip to Discovery Bay.

Ironically, not that much to discover.

Leo and Em’s visit to HK!

Our first Christmas in HK!

“New age fun with a vintage feel”

Our first visit to Peng Chau Island.

Lomo-fun in LKF

“Go to Victoria Harbour on NYE,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.


My 24th birthday with Ry in Stanley and he bought me an Instax!

My parents were in HK and treated me to a day out in Macau, complete with a delicious hotel buffet and tickets to seeThe House of Dancing Water which was an absolutely incredible show where props popped out of the stage and the water. I’d thoroughly recommend it if you ever find yourself in Macau!

Continuing the celebration of my birth with a Japanese buffet at Banmoto.

Family dinner in Yuen Long; Ry made us hot chocolates with marshmallows every night during Winter while we snuggled up under the covers and watched a ton of films and series; a delicious dinner at Fusion with Dave and Teri; the worst holiday ever at Sabang in the Philippines (damn you, Nick Johnson); Christmas treats when we got back from the worst holiday.



My 25th birthday with colleagues at work and a Thai dinner with Ry and my family.

Sally drew this bad boy for me and I love it so much <3

After ice-skating, we had an Italian feast at Amaronis!

Sally continuing to show off her artistic skills.

Texas Burger with my faves <3

Cheung Chau Island with Kanna.

Taking Sally to see the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, grabbing fro-yo at Smile Desserts and living our best lives at work.

Christmas meal with Hermina and Kanna at Amaronis as I loved it so much for my birthday.

It’s probably one of the best decorated places for Christmas in HK as most places don’t make much of an effort for it over there.

Dinner at Texas Burger with Kanna; Wanchai Food Fair with Ry but the squid skewers were the only decent things we actually ate there; Christmas dinner in Tai Po; a chilled out NYE with a great hotpot in Kowloon Tong with Ry and Rico (miles better than previous years of wading through crowds or having to chat to drunk douchebags).


A 3-day road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

New Zealand!

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