JULY 2018

A tough day at work at the Aldershot Lido.

Giles and Sam came back to the UK for a visit, just in time to help Sarah celebrate her birthday with a Thai feast in Guildford!

Loving that evening light in my room.


Headed home to Devon for a few days to celebrate mum’s birthday!

Met this creep in the cheese aisle in Lidl (*cough* Tinder *cough*) and he won’t leave me alone.

Many angles of the Moosh.

I got my hair cut at Toni and Guy and it looked miles better than when I got it cut by an angry dude called Chris at Supercuts.

If you live in Camberley, ask for Toon at T & G – he’s amazing!

A day trip to Margate and Broadstairs with James.

Tina and Hermina have returned to London so obviously a big catch up fuelled by delicious food was the only right thing to do!

The Bacon Naan Roll at Dishoom is delish and I’d thoroughly recommend it!

Another great month filled with sunshine, getting to celebrate mum’s birthday with her for the first time in 5 years, new experiences, new places and delicious food!




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