Just over a week ago, it was a beautiful 28 degree day.

The great thing about blogging is that you can look back on those days and try to remember how it feels to have the sun doing what it does best: shining.

Nikki took me to Old Town, her favourite place to take blog snaps in her hometown of Poole, whilst donning the perfect summer outfit.

Channeling those Notting Hill vibes.

Making the most out of Summer by sitting outside a stranger’s front door.

Nikki reached peak #bloggergoals by finding the perfect door to match her outfit.

“The Velvet Slippers’ debut album is the best thing since roast potatoes.” – NME

We also filmed 2 YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure (but mainly just for us to laugh at ourselves because we probably find ourselves too funny for our own good).

First up is the Best Friend Tag, where we roped in Nikki’s sister, Kate, to help us find out who is the better friend in a head to head Q&A competition!

Next up, we both redownloaded Tinder for 24 hours and took over each other’s accounts to see what interesting characters we’d encounter on the millenial’s most popular dating app.

Hope you enjoyed the videos and subscribe to Nikki’s channel for more top quality bants and a very therapeutic cover photo colour scheme – I promise you won’t regret it!


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