Last month, I was finally reunited with one of my favourite people in the world: Sophia!

Soph and her family were embarking on a 2 week trip across Europe and London was their first stop so obviously we had to catch up and eat ALL THE FOOD.

You know you’re best friends with someone when their travel plans entirely revolve around food 😉

Our first stop was Duck and Waffle Local and Hermina joined us for lunch too!

We shared lots of delicious food from their Weekend Brunch Menu, including the Fois Gras Crème Brulee which came with a brioche bun, marmalade and pork puff (this was Soph’s fave dish. The Fois Gras Crème Brulee was unlike anything I’d ever tried before; so rich and flavoursome. I’d definitely recommend it to share between at least 3 people but it’s 100% worth it. However, I personally found the brioche with marmalade too sweet for my taste); their signature Duck and Waffle (my favourite dish. The duck was so tender and full of flavour, the waffle just melted in your mouth, the egg was perfectly cooked and the mustard maple syrup brought everything together perfectly) and The Big Quack, a delicious burger filled with duck patty, Swiss cheese, sweet pickle sauce encased in a light brioche bun (I’d never tried a duck burger before and it was so rich and tasty!)

The Duck Egg Cocotte with wild mushrooms, Gruyere, truffle and toast was also full of rich flavours that worked really well together.

Finally, the Duck Doughnut with mandarin jam and paprika sugar was an interesting dish. It’s sweet on the outside but filled with spicy duck. Probably my least favourite as I found it a touch too sweet but I’m so glad I tried it as I’d never had anything like it before.

Not pictured are the BBQ Spiced Duck Tongues (quite bony and nothing to write home about) and the Duck Fat Fries with Rosemary Salt (pretty good but nothing spectacular).

I’d definitely recommend Duck and Waffle Local to anyone who enjoys flavoursome food and interesting food/flavour combinations, especially if you’re in a group as it’s ideal food for sharing. I’d love to try the original Duck and Waffle restaurant too but you need to book way in advance!

After lunch, we headed over to Covent Garden for a wander around the shops, market, watch the street performers and obviously to get Ben’s Cookies.

Unfortunately, Hermina had to leave us at Covent Garden…

…but that meant I got the Dangster all to myself 😉

We checked out Camden Market and of course a true millennial can’t walk past a black and white photo-booth without going in.

Although London was pissing it down, we still managed to fit in a bit more sightseeing at Tower Bridge.

We’d worked up an appetite and headed over to The Old Queens Head in Islington for a roast.

It would be rude not to on a Sunday 😉

Close enough…

Easing my way into the Dang fam.

Cue the roast photo-shoot:

And let’s end it with a saucy close-up.

I’d never been to Islington before but the streets are filled with some great-looking restaurants and The Old Queens Head was a great pub with mismatched furniture, neon signs, board games and a twenties/thirties crowd; I’d definitely like to go back but I won’t order the roast beef again as it was chewy af (the veg was great though).

Sadly, I had to love and leave Soph to head back to Camberley but I’m heading to Hong Kong at the end of the month so I’ll see you in a few weeks, Dangster!


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