A day trip to Poole to meet Nikki for a day of catch ups, photos, video-creating and delicious food!

I need to learn to recreate this delicious dish from Delfino Lounge…

James bought me the coolest tee!

Lovely weekend stroll with Sarah and Harry in Guildford.

I never knew Guildford had such a vast stretch of empty land.

Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Ramen at Shoryu and Romeo and Juliet at the Secret Cinema in London!


Hangin’ with the Moosh.

Hampton Court.

 When you forget to bring your sunglasses…


Lads’ night in.

Our first selfie with the Moosh.

Sophia’s visit to London!

Muesli: Stop taking Snapchat pictures with me, you basic bitch.

Lunch at one of my fave restaurants, Giggling Squid.

Walking in Windsor.


(Work isn’t so bad when you get to go to Madame Tussauds for free)

Making wontons for Sarah and James for the first time!



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