At the beginning of the month, James and I visited Basildon Park, because James is a low-key middle aged man who enjoys spending his weekend visiting National Trust properties.

We’ve been to a few National Trust sites but this one definitely had the most volunteer guides who gave us lots of information as we walked around the 18th century house. In fact, there was one guy who spent (what felt like and is probably pretty accurate) half an hour telling us about a bed.

Also, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and take a walk around the woodland but got a bit lost and ended up walking through a (slightly terrifying) field of cows to get back to the car.

I got to eat some scones though so it was pretty sweet!

Such glamour.

After our long walk that ended after the property’s closing time, we had a lovely outdoor dinner at Nino’s which had a great rating on Tripadvisor and J lives for those ratings.

What I order at any Italian restaurant:

KEW GARDENS was wonderful and I’d thoroughly recommend a visit!

Another weekend, another National Trust site.

Cliveden is my favourite so far and where we had our first date back in June.

Such a beautiful fountain.

How I’m not a model already is, quite frankly, beyond me.


On our first date, James took a sneaky photo of me in this exact spot so he asked me to recreate it.


The J-man took me to see the Arctic Monkeys at the O2.

I love their first two albums but am not a huge fan of their new stuff.

However, I think anyone can appreciate how talented Alex Turner is.

When you’re trying to get a cute picture of your lunch but he thinks he’s in a watch advert.

Excellent location: The Stable in Winchester.

Look at his paws!

And his lying down face!

Towards the end of the month, Harry, Jess and I visited Em and John in their beautiful new home in Rochester for a belated housewarming.

We caught up, ate fajitas, hid away from the rain in a gin bar and had yummy Thai food for dinner!

I’ll leave you with this.


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