My first day off to myself to completely do my own thing.

In the morning, I ran some errands in town and grabbed a bowl of my favourite wontons (prawn and pork dumplings) for lunch from my favourite wonton shop in Kowloon City.

I also devoured some of my favourite kimchi and squid from the local supermarket.

I caught up on some YouTube videos and sorted through the rest of the clothes and books that I’d left in Hong Kong.

In the evening, my parents, aunt and uncle came round for a barbecue which was delicious and I toasted lots of marshmallows as they’re the best part of any barbecue, in my opinion!


As Tina happened to have the day off on Friday and she fancied unburdening me of some of the clothes that I was getting rid of, it only made sense to have a Shake Shack lunch date on the IFC rooftop.

Burgers, cheesy fries, fresh lemonade and catch ups in the sunshine with great company!

After lunch, Tina left to meet her brother and I walked over to Tai Kwun to explore the new centre for heritage and arts.

After exploring the old jail cells, some of which had been converted into a bar, I sat outside and read for a couple of hours (How Not to Be a Boy by Robert Webb – I love reading autobiographies and it was a great, insightful read. Any book that can make me laugh and cry definitely has something going for it!) before meeting Ry for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Campers.

Ry had his usual Coconut Chicken Curry with a Ramen Egg while I had the Oysters with Mixed Vegetables in a Spicy Sauce.



At the weekend, I met Sophia for brunch at Mrs Pound (where I briefly worked at the beginning of 2017) and we shared the Thai Chiang Mai Sausage and Scrambled Eggs which we liked but it didn’t really blow us away and we wouldn’t order it again.

However, the star of the show was the Fois Gras Crème Brulee.

I’m not usually a huge fan of fois gras but the flavours work incredibly with the crème brulee, fresh strawberries and raspberry liquor.

One of my favourite dishes of my 2 week visit!

After brunch, Kanna surprised me with a pizza-making class that she’d won at Motorino on their opening day.

Some of us take our kitchen headwear much more seriously than others…

Masterchef Sally at work.

LOL, JK – No Michelin Star 4 u without the appropriate headwear.


We didn’t realise that the class also included 3 starters to share so Soph and I were absolutely stuffed by the time our pizzas were done but still powered through a few slices like the bad bitchez that we are.

Unfortunately, Sally wasn’t feeling well so left us after our late lunch while Soph, Kanna and I walked from Wanchai to Causeway Bay, dipping in and out of shops and markets on the way.


On Sunday, Kanna and I made the most of the sunshine by heading to the beach: Tai Long Wan, to be precise.

My kinda October 😉

In the evening, Kanna left for a date and I joined Soph and her lovely boyfriend, Gabes, for dinner at Campers because I just can’t get enough of that place.

This time, I went for my favourite dish of Hiroshima Oyster and Mushroom Curry with a Ramen Egg.

I need to learn to recreate this!

For dessert, we headed over Ming Kee Desserts for my favourite Chinese dessert: Mango with Coconut Milk and Sago.


As I’d wanted to try Samsen for quite a while but it’s notorious for its long queues, I decided to try my luck on a Monday lunchtime.

There was just a short queue and we were seated within about 10 minutes.

I didn’t take a snap of the exterior myself but just look at how bloody trendy it looks.

(Source: OpenRice a.k.a my favourite HK app)

We ordered the Wagyu Beef Boat Noodle (Samsen’s signature dish that I haven’t seen in any other Thai restaurants: thick, meaty and flavourful) and the Stir Fried Fat Noodles with Sliced Chicken (a standard Thai dish but the ingredients tasted really fresh and it was flavoured really well).

Worth the hype and well worth a visit!

After lunch, I did a bit of shopping in Mong Kok, picking up essentials to take back to the UK.

I also visited Sneaker Street for a new pair of white Converse as my pink ones had lasted me at least 5 years and definitely deserved to retire.

I had a quick final catch up with poorly Sal in the evening; you know you’ve got some great pals when they come to say goodbye even when they’re ill!


In the evening, I treated my aunt, uncle and cousin to a Thai dinner in Kowloon City for very kindly letting me stay.

Thai shrimp sashimi is life.


During the day, I kept myself busy by uploading my September 2018 blog post, along with organizing and editing my Hong Kong photos.

In the evening, Soph and I treated ourselves to dinner at Ronin which came highly recommended by friends who had been.

Our favourite was the Senposhi Oyster with Red Shiso Vinegar Granite and Sudachi.

The rich and creamy natural flavour of the oyster mixed with the vinegar and citrus worked wonderfully.

We loved them so much that we ordered 2 each.

We also really enjoyed the Bonito Tuna Sashimi (with Kizami Wasbai, Sesame and Soy) and the Gindara Black Cod Sashimi (with Shio Konbu and Garlic Soy).

As we’d never tried raw sardines before, a dish that we rarely see on Japanese menus, we decided to give it a go.

It was pretty good but just tasted a lot like tuna sashimi, tbh.

Soph is a huge fan of grilled eel on rice so of course we ordered the Unagi Chirashi, Kinome, Pickled Cucumber and Sesame dish.

Again, it was tasty but we both agreed that we’d had eel and rice dishes that were just as good at a fraction of the price.

We ordered a few more dishes but these were the highlights so I won’t bombard you with more food pics.

Plus, their menu changes daily depending on what’s fresh so you’ll need to check it out for yourselves 😉

After dinner, we met Gabes for dessert at Oddies around the corner, where we devoured one of my favourite HK desserts: the Nightwolf.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye (for now).

I’m so lucky to have best friends in two countries but the toughest part is living so far apart, not being able to see each other all the time and having to say goodbye.

Sophia is one of my favourite people; she’s never let me down, gives great advice, works hard, has the most positive attitude, eats everything with me and her chin pics are quite frankly heroic.

Everyone needs a Sophia in their lives.


My final full day in Hong Kong was spent writing up my Hong Kong (Part 1/2) blog post, finishing off my packing, saying goodbye to my favourite aunt and catching my flight back to the UK, just gone midnight.

I had the best two weeks catching up with friends and family, eating lots of delicious food and basking in the sunshine.

You’ll forever be my fave, Hong Kong.


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