Last month, James and I took a day trip to Oxford.

I’d been quite a few times previously to visit my friend, Til, who went to uni there and I absolutely loved it.

It was James’ first visit but I knew he’d love it too!

For those of you who don’t already know, Oxford is a city in central southern England which revolves around its prestigious university that was established in the 12th century.

Now, with introductions out of the way, let’s get crackin’!

We started the day in the Covered Market and had brunch at Brown’s Café for a solid 7/10 fry up before exploring Magdalen College, just off the high street.

Magdalen’s famous alumni include Henry VIII’s Chief Minister Cardinal Wolsey, physicist Erwin Schrödinger, Oscar Wilde and C.S. Lewis.

As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to wander around the outdoor areas linked to the college first, starting with The Grove (Deer Park).

James had been keen to walk in the footsteps of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien along Addison’s Walk.

When you’re in your mid-twenties* and all you want to do is sit down.

*Yes, I am 27 and rounding down to 25 – bite me.

Back to the college…

We didn’t get a chance to visit Christ Church on this visit, which is what the Hogwarts Great Hall is based on, but you can definitely see that J. K. Rowling drew a lot of inspiration from Oxford.

The independent shops look like something you’d find in Diagon Alley!

Punting is also a popular thing to do in Oxford but I gave it a pass as past experience has taught me that it’s not a natural talent of mine.

If our relationship could be summed up in one picture:

Of course, no trip to Oxford is complete without a trip to Ben’s Cookies.

I search them out wherever I go but my obsession began when Til first introduced to them in the Covered Market, way back in 2010.

Founded in 1983, this was the first stall by cookery writer Helge Rubenstein. She named it after her son Ben who her good friend, Quentin Blake, illustrated in the logo.

Unlike a lot of the London branches, the Oxford stall seems to always have fresh cookies coming straight out of the oven so ask for what’s just come out and thank me later 😉

James went for a white chocolate one and I had a milk chocolate cookie.

The queue was too big and we devoured our cookies too quickly to get a decent picture, so thank god for the internet!

(Source: Tripadvisor)

Magic does exist.

(Source: Oxford Covered Market)

After recharging on cookies and smoothies from Moo-Moo’s (next door to Ben’s), we visited Radcliffe Camera, an iconic, domed Palladian-style library.

It’s an absolutely stunning building.

We had a look around the shops and tried to find somewhere nice for dinner but unfortunately everywhere that we wanted to go was fully booked on a Saturday night so we headed home and grabbed an Indian takeout on the way, which was yum!

But naan for you, Muesli!


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