When I came back from Hong Kong last November, I was so happy to catch up with my family and friends that I hadn’t seen in long time, but every day, I missed Hong Kong and the life that I had there.

I went from a city lifestyle where it’s hot all year round, seeing my friends all the time, doing jobs where I made enough to never have to worry about money and be able to go on spontaneous trips abroad to return to a UK Winter, being able to see friends sporadically and eventually finding a job in February where saving felt almost impossible.

Although I desperately missed Hong Kong, it’s important for me to gain perspective on why I’m back in the UK. It’s because I wanted to find a job in the charity sector and I couldn’t do that there.

After months of job searching and trying to work out what I wanted to do within the charity sector, I *think* I’ve worked it out and I’ve finally secured a job within Shelter in London which I start at the end of this month!

As I turn 28 today, I wanted to reflect on the little things in everyday life that make me happy.

Although I do miss spontaneous trips abroad and seafood buffets, as Michael Scott rightly says:

1. Living with Sarah and Muesli. When you find someone who is just as weird as you are and genuinely laughs at all of your terrible jokes, you’re onto a winner! We also share books, clothes and food which is fab (more so Sarah than Muesli as he can’t read and his clothes are a bit tight for me. However, he does enjoy the finer foods in life, like smoked salmon, prawns and bacon). I will miss living with them a lot when I move.

2. Ticking things off my ‘to do’ list.

3. A clean and tidy flat.

4. Watching Friends or the U.S Office whilst snuggled up on the sofa.

5. Finding the perfect candle scent.

6. Doing a wardrobe clear-out or helping a friend do a wardrobe clear-out. Preferably with bags of clothes to take to the charity shop so that they can be loved by someone new.

7. Waking up early and realizing that you still have hours to sleep.

8. Cuddles with Muesli on the sofa and the peaceful sound of his snoring.

9. Discovering a bargain in a charity shop or car boot sale.

10. Receiving a sincere compliment.

11. Being happy with the first outfit that you try on.

12. Blue skies and hot, sunny days.

13. Getting really into a good book that you don’t want to put down. Especially great when read in the park during summer or snuggled up in bed in the colder months.

14. Feeling good after a weekly swim.

15. Getting my brows threaded.

16. Catching up with friends.

17. Exploring new towns and cities.

18. Having a hot shower and getting into your pj’s after a long day at work.

19. Editing photos and writing up blog posts.

20. Stepping on crunchy leaves in Autumn.

21. When friends say that they’ve enjoyed a restaurant/place/book/film/TV series after you’ve recommended it or after reading your blog or having seen it on your Instagram.

22. Finding the perfect present for a friend.

23. Having a fully charged power bank and cable on you when you need to charge your phone when you’re out.

24. Having incredibly good, patient and supportive friends who help you get the perfect shot. #DOITFORTHEGRAM

25. Not having to set an alarm for the next day.

26.Picking up your cup of tea and it happens to be at the perfect temperature.

27. Listening to a great album over and over again until you know the songs off by heart.

28. James.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s made you appreciate all the little day to day things just as much as the more momentous occasions!


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