Quick drink in this rather photogenic Café Nero as we’d arrived a little early for brunch.

A huge thank you to these absolute babes who came to celebrate Em and I turning 28!

Post-brunch ice skating at the Natural History Museum!

James took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday and it was awesome!

No monthly round up is complete without this smug little guy.

James and I visited Prague over Christmas and it was beautiful!

Nikki and I did our annual Christmas present exchange in Winchester this year.

Second and final Christmas with Sarah and Muesli in Camberley.

Goodbye, room!

When Muesli is more concerned about his snacks than me moving out…

One of my favourite books turned into an absolutely incredible theatre show!

Cheeky Nandos.

We made wontons for lunch on Christmas Day.

Mum excelled herself this Boxing Day with a feast of steamed veg; fish, beansprouts and fungus in a numbing spicy sauce; steamed chicken; mussels and peppers in black bean sauce.

Loved catching up with Sam and Linda – always such a laugh!

Treating myself to a fry up for lunch on my first day of work at Shelter on the 28th!

James and I went for our NYE dinner at Inamo in Covent Garden which was pretty good but overpriced for what it was.

The Dragon Roll, their signature dish, was my fave: tempura shrimp topped with avocado and mayo.

Top marks for presentation!


We celebrated the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 at Hermina’s friend’s place with an excellent panoramic view of all the fireworks going off at midnight from the balcony!



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