I wanted to start this post by saying that it’s easy to look at someone’s highlight reel and think that they’re having the best time.

Unsurprisingly, I don’t tend to take photos when I’m feeling lost or in tears because I don’t know what to do with my life.

Nevertheless, through the confusion of getting onto the right career path, I have made some great memories in 2018. While I’m still not 100% sure as to my exact career goal, I’m finally in the charity sector in London so I things are looking up!

As I do every year, I’ve made a few cheeky collages to document my happy times, which include: exploring new places, catching up with friends and meeting James!


Catching up with friends in London and Marwell Zoo; drawing for the first time in ages; late night chats with my housemates; I was craving pho and couldn’t find anywhere local that served it so decided to try making my own and it turned out pretty great (thank you, internet); mine and Nikki’s first fun photo shoot in Bournemouth.


Brighton with Til; sofa cuddles with Muesli; a day trip to London and Milford on Sea.


Snow; exploring London with Sadie, Hannah and Til; Arnold Road reunion; taking photos in Brockenhurst with Nikki.


Celebrating Sadie’s 27th birthday in Brighton; London with Sadie; a trip to the circus with Sarah; dinner with my family in Reading; car boot sales; more Muesli cuddles; catching up with Tash; visiting Bath with Josh.


Reading in the park around the corner from the flat in the sunshine; Virginia Water Lake with Sarah and Marianne; Yately May Fayre; my first 99 of the year; Arnold Road picnic at Richmond Park; catching up with pals from school in London.


Celebrating Nikki’s 27th birthday in Poole; excellent porridge from 27 Grains with Sadie; Josh came to visit us in Camberley; family photo and my first date with James at Cliveden.


London catch ups with Tina and Hermina; heading back to Devon to celebrate mum’s birthday; my favourite photo of James and I this year, taken at Broadstairs; Aldershot Lido; Giles and Sam came to visit from HK and joined us to celebrate Sarah’s birthday; my first Pride; a day trip to Margate; loving the light in my room; family walk down Breakwater in Brixham in my new favourite skirt.


Fun in the sun in Poole with Nikki; Mayfield Lavender Farm with James; Hampton Court; Muesli wanting to get in on the chow mein action; I made wontons by myself for the first time for James and Sarah and they were pretty good; Romeo and Juliet Secret Cinema with James; ramen at Shoryu; Sophia’s visit to London; a long walk in the sunshine in Guildford with Saz and Haz; cuddles with my two loves (Muesli and Harry).


Kew Gardens with James; Basildon Park; Cliveden; Muesli looking ridiculously cute; Arctic Monkeys with James; cuddles with Muesli; Em’s housewarming; Jamon; catching with my girl squad in Hong Kong; photos with Kanna; Cherry and John’s wedding.


More fun times and lots of delicious food in Hong Kong; pho in London; Muesli trying to get his paws on some naan bread; delicious roast and crumble at a local pub; I love that photo of James and Muesli sleeping; a daytrip to Oxford; an Autumnal stroll in Windsor.


A day trip to Oxford and Brighton with James; cuddles with Thor; Florence and the Machine at the O2.


Celebrating mine and Em’s 28th birthday; ice skating at the Natural History Museum; James took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday; Christmas present swap with Nikki in Winchester; Prague with James; moving out of my flat in Camberley; seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (loved it); mum’s incredible food on Boxing Day; catching up with Sam and Linda over Christmas; NYE in London!

Goodbye 2018, you’ve been pretty good!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year filled with little and big joys! <3


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