January is arguably the worst month of the year but looking back through my few photos from the month, it doesn’t actually seem so bad.

It transpires that I ate a lot of pizza…

So here are a few fun things that I got up to in this cold af month, amongst 6 failed flat viewings, helping James to Marie Kondo his room,  cosy nights in with Til and Fred watching The Greatest Dancer (we are very hip and happenin’ people) and being introduced to Shipwrecked by a very excited Til.

Obviously I’m #TeamShark because the idea of being anywhere near Harry makes me want to vom and, quite frankly, I’m slightly terrified of Liv.

Anyway, let’s whizz back to New Year’s Day where I took James out for dim sum at Joy King Lau.

The food was delicious, really authentic and good value for money so a winner all round!

Taking a final snap of the Christmas lights in Piccadilly before meeting Sadie for dinner at Franco Manca, which was great!

This sign made me chuckle on my lunch break in Turnham Green.

Sarah wanted to take a photo of James and I in Waga’s when we went for a catch up in Camberley.

We are a very attractive couple.

Hannah turned 28 and we celebrated with some delicious pizzas at Taproom in Deptford (the Nduja one will change your life).

As Han and Til’s birthdays are only 3 days apart, Til was also gifted a sketchbook and pen which she used to do a 20 minute sketch of me on the way home on the Tube.

She is incredibly talented!

James bought tickets for me and his parents to see Ben Howard at the Brixton Academy.

I love Ben Howard’s first 2 albums but hadn’t heard much of his third album.

And to our luck, he basically only played songs from his third album which were really quite dreary and not that great. The only song that we recognized was ‘Black Flies.’

We saw quite a few people leaving half way through the gig as it was just pretty awful and he had next to no interaction with the audience.

It was such a shame as James’ mum had seen him before and said that he was incredible.

Hopefully in the future, he’ll actually play some of his older stuff too!

That weekend, James had booked us a table at the Oxo Tower and the food and views were excellent, especially the Rhubarb and Custard Tart with Lemon Curd!

After dinner, we watched School of Rock at the theatre.

Introducing Steve Jobs to M&S crispy bacon.


As I’d been missing my beloved hotpots in Hong Kong, Tina and I had an absolute feast at Little Lamb.

The perfect winter warmer!

The mushroom broth was great but the numbing spice broth was ridiculously spicy so we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a fan of PAIN.

According to How I Met Your Mother, there is a ‘reacher’ and a ‘settler’ in every relationship…

Another date night with Sadie, another great pizza!

This time, it was courtesy of Hai Cenato in Victoria and we loved it!

Although the cold has made me want to hibernate and not go on many fun day-trips, I love that I’ve still made some great memories this month!

Finally, I wanted to recommend Sex Education, a Netflix series that I absolutely adored and loved the interesting premise.

I finally got round to watching Crazy Rich Asians which was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be and I loved it. Obviously, it goes without saying that it’s incredible to see an all-Asian cast in a Hollywood movie!


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